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Mother’s Day Special

Mother's Day Hair Salon Promo
This May, pamper your mother with the gift of beauty.
For a limited time, when you purchase a $75 gift certificate, we’ll give you an additional $10 gift certificate free!
What you choose to do with your bonus gift certificate is up to you. Add it onto mom’s gift, give it to another special mother in your life, or use it to try a new salon service for yourself (we promise we won’t tell).
The gift of beauty never goes out of style.
From your friend:
At Red Union Salon

Gift certificates are available for sale in our salon during regular business hours.

*Offer expires May 31, 2017. Terms & conditions apply.

Featured San Francisco Artist Dana Draper

Featured Artist Dana Draper at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Dana Draper has been strongly influenced by his family who were involved in the arts. Harry Guggenheim, director of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum for 20 years, encouraged Draper to appreciate the arts by his volunteering in the museum library and in the art restoration conservatory.

Peggy Guggenheim opened her doors to her 20th century art filled home in Venice, Italy to the young Draper. With this exposure, Draper later entered the Art Student League and obtained a masters in fine arts from NYU.

Draper’s grandmother, Dorothy Draper, internationally recognized interior designer, who decorated the San Francisco Fairmont and Mark Hopkins Hotels, played a dominate roll in young Draper’s education. She was “The Designer” of the fifties and she taught him a keen sense of color and scale.

Currently: Again, Draper is working with copper, he has made the full circle from his early days in Chile. Draper employs a unique form of copper painting. He applies water based acids, and oxides directly on copper. Acids such as rice vinegar, lemon juice, and rock salt as well as special recipes are used to obtain exciting color patina interactions on the copper. Large sheets of copper that Draper has artfully crafted are transformed into unique art doors, interior dividers, wall panels, and site commissioned projects.

Draper is primarily a figurative artist focusing on the qualities of motion and light. Why nudes? “The undraped figures are devoid of politics, pretensions, and material possessions. Therefore, expression, feeling, motion, color, and relationship come into play as the primary visual and emotional factors.”

Red Union Hair Salon’s 2nd Annual San Francisco Severed Head Contest Winners

Votes are in and tallied. This year San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology swept the contest both in participation and in winners.

Thank you everyone for participating. Fun was had by all. This contest always gets everyone in the Halloween spirit.

“Cheshire Cat” by Megan Cavalli placed 1st. Her inspiration was Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” with Johnny Depp.
Cheshire Cat by Megan Cavalli - Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp

2nd place was Robyn Gabo with “Phantom of the Opera”. Again, San Francisco Institute Of Esthetics and Cosmetology. Robyn got her wish of wanting to win this year. Twice.
Robyn Gabo with Phantom of the Opera - San Francisco Institute Of Esthetics and Cosmetology

3rd place (tie) with “IT” by Gracy Phillips from Zenzi’s School of Beauty.
IT by Gracy Phillips from Zenzi's School of Beauty

3rd place (tie) Akiha Imazu with Myrtle from the “Great Gatsby” with the Cinta Aveda Institute.
Akiha Imazu with Myrtle from the Great Gatsby with the Cinta Aveda Institute

San Francisco Halloween 2009 – 2nd Annual Severed Head Contest

We are turning heads.  Severed heads that is.  The salon is  located on the second floor on Union  Street and Buchanan in San Francisco.  Mannnequin/Severed heads peaking out at you as you are walking by.  

26 amazingly talented stylists was the count for last years heads.  Each head  a piece of art itself. What an amazing show.  With cash prizes and awards 4 beauty schools  participating.  

This  year  we would like  to also extend  the  invitation to some of the the best Hair salons  in San  Francisco to compete as well.  Who will win?  Who has  the passion?  Robyn Parish, Placement leader of San Francisco Institute of  Esthetics and Cosmetology said” We want to WIN this time!”  

I was honored  to get a call from Zenzie herself excited to participate  again this year.  

Who else has the courage to compete?  

Interested parties please contact Erika Redding

The premise “Amazing hair and  make-up”.  Anything goes, from outright stunning, funny,  thought provoking, to scary, ghoulish…  You get the idea.

1st   Prize   200.00
2nd  Prize   100.00
3rd   Prize     50.00

We invite the  public as well as other salons and schools to vote starting October 14, 2009. 

Stop by any time and cast your vote. Voting will close October 30, 2009 at 5 PM.  Winners will be announced on Halloween!
See last year’s Halloween Severed Head contest winners:
First Prize was swept away by two thirds of the votes. “Marie Antoinette” who was actually be-headed in real life. A very fitting candidate for a severed head contest. She was done by Loren Laughlin from Miss Marty’s School of Beauty. Loren received a 200.00 Dollar cash prize.

Marie Antoinette by Loren Laughlin from Miss Marty’s
School of Beauty.

Second Prize was taken by Kate Dewald who entered “Beauty School Drop-out”. We all know and remember “Grease”. This girl is an amazing talent and will not go back to High School! Kate received a 100.00 dollar cash prize.
Beauty School Drop-out by Kate Dewald

Third Prize went to Tim Hutton who did Abandon a very majestic biblical figure. Tim, a very talented stylists who knows his worth was the only one to price his exhibition like a true artist.
Abandon by Tim Hutton

May 30, 2009 – San Francisco Artist Reception – Josh Lockwood

Mark your calendar for the Red Union Hair Salon artist reception for Joshua Lockwood on Saturday, May 30, 7pm to 9pm!

Red Union Salon
1996 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 567-5656

There will be plenty of free beer, wine, snacks, and good music to start your evening on the town.

If you haven’t voted yet, please make sure to vote for Red Union Hair Salon: the best salon in San Francisco

Spring is in the Hair – Salon Party in San Francisco

Mark your calendar for the Red Union Hair Salon Spring Party on Saturday, April 18, 7pm to 9pm!

Red Union Salon
1996 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 567-5656

San Francisco local artist, John Benko will be showing his Resurgence exhibit, plus there will be plenty of free beer, wine, snacks, and good music to start your evening on the town.

Be sure to check out John Benko’s online gallery.

Be sure to check out the recent spring hair and fashion article from Erika Redding: Haircuts and Fashion for Spring 2009 – Looking Good in the Recession.

Pre – Valentine's Day Party at Hair Salon with Artist Chelsea Croy

Come to our next artist reception on Saturday, February 7, 2009 – from 7pm to 9pm, with artist Chelsea Croy. It’s a great time and place to meet or test-drive your Valentine’s Day date in San Francisco!

And speaking of Valentine’s Day…have you booked your appointment for your sexy Valentine’s Day haircut / hairstyle?

This could be a good time to try a new hair color at Red Union Salon.