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Now Hiring – Hairstylists, Hairdressers, Barbers, Hair Colorists

Looking for a super star!

We are seeking a talented stylists for an awesome upscale Union Street location.
Please be highly skilled, motivated, reliable and a team player:)
We do a lot of color, so you need to “rock” at color and cutting techniques.
Up-do, make-up and Extensions a plus.

The ideal stylist has at least two years of experience, some clientele and is a motivated self starter.

We provide you with:

–24/7 booking & reception service
–24/7 on line booking
–towel service
–back bar (Prive, Redken, Purology…)
–beverages for your clients. . .

At this time we retail Prive, Redken, Pureology, Kevin Murphy ….
We could be open to bringing in other retail lines if you sell:)

Your work station is very large with lots of natural sun light great for color.
Station rental preferred. Commission for motivated stylist.
We are located on the second floor overlooking Union Street.

We have lots of walk-ins and call-ins and open 7 days a week.
Full time or part time positions available.

This is a very fun environment! :)
We joke, play great music and are passionate about doing “amazing hair for our clients”.

If you are fun, passionate about hair and life please call Erika at 415-272-3988 for preliminary phone interview.

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Froth

Instant Next Day Hair. Express your rock ‘n roll or surfer style. Receive 50% off our Stylist’s Pick of the Month.

San Francisco's Red Union Hair Salon Pick of the Month -  Privé

Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Forth is the next generation of thoughtful planet technologies. This non-aerosol mousse amplifies your style while leaving your hair soft, shiny and full of bounce.

Features and Benefits:
Enriched with acai and babassu oil.

Clean air technology provides all you want in body and volume without releasing any HFC’s into the atmosphere.

Great for defining curls and reducing frizz.

Color safe formula.

Order online here

Be sure to check out the other products we carry at Red Union Hair Salon in San Francisco.

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Foaming Styler Mousse

Instant Next Day Hair. Express your rock ‘n roll or surfer style.Receive 50% off our Stylist’s Pick of the Month.

Privé Foaming Styler Mousse provides texture, body and style memory in a unique styling mousse. Shake well: work a small amount through damp for dry hair and style. To refresh any look run wet hands through your hair and restyle. Be sure to check out the other products we carry at Red Union Hair Salon in San Francisco.
San Francisco's Red Union Hair Salon Pick of the Month -  Privé

Red Union Hair Salon’s Best Picks for Summer Hair in San Francisco 2010

Yesterday, I wore a sundress, sandals and a sunhat to keep the heat and sun off my face and body. Today, it is thigh-high boots, sweater, hat, scarf and a wool coat—wishing I had brought my gloves, and no sun in sight. You’re probably thinking that I must be traveling the globe. Oh no! This is just summer in San Francisco.

Every year I write a blog post about our unique summers here. For many folks, hair is a real problem! Red Union Salon likes to carry and keep abreast of the best hair products. Privé is how we deal with freezing high winds and rolling fog in the San Francisco summer.

Privé just launched a brand new product called Concept Vert Volumizing Froth, perfect for fine hair. It is a revolutionary non-aerosol mouse that provides incredible body, volume and definition, leaving your hair soft shiny and full of body. Go ahead blow in the volume!

For ultimate curls, mix 3 parts Leave-In Treatment to one part Shine Serum and apply on the shaft and ends. Layer hair with Foaming Styler and Curl Activating Cream from scalp to ends. Either blow dry with diffuser or dry naturally, scrunching it to create soft, defined curls.

When it comes to great curls I say product, product, product!

Edgy texture for short styles is best achieved by mixing a pea-sized amount of Extended Texture Clay with a quarter-sized amount of Foaming Styler, then apply to short hair. Style as desired. For amazing shine spray Flash Brilliance lightly to the finished style.

So here you have it! Call us if you’d like to make an appointment to come in and have your hair styled with these amazing new products. We’ll show you how it’s done in person.

Happy styling!

Should You Dye Your Hair Gray?

Gray Hair - Should you dye your gray hair - Haircut - Hair Salon - San Francisco, CAMany women who have been dying their hair for years wonder if the battle is worth it. Some clients even wonder if they are already completely gray, but because they have been dying their hair for so long, they have no idea what their real hair color looks like.

Usually by this time, women are getting their roots touched up every 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. Their question is whether or not we can simply dye your hair gray and be done with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as all that. The simple answer is, no. You cannot dye your hair gray. Gray hair is due to loss of pigment in your hair.

Hair that has lost pigment is technically translucent hair, meaning it has no color in the shaft. That is why as your hair continues to gray, it goes from looking somewhat silver (due to the fact that you still have a number of hairs that have pigment in them) to white, which is when all shafts of hair have lost pigment.

For those of you who may want to consider “going gray” naturally, you could consider slowly lightening your hair to a pale blonde color. This way you could go a little bit longer between colorings, and gradually grow into your new hair color.

What you’re trying to do is to transition from the permanent tint that has been applied to your hair so far, and using a temporary or semi-permanent formulation to continue covering the gray as the original permanent color grows out.

Temporary color washes out after a single shampoo. The nice thing about the semi-permanent color is that it only adheres to the outside of the shaft of hair with a little bit of the dye penetrating the hair shaft and then washes out after a certain number of shampoos. This technique works best for women who have adopted a shorter hair style. This will give you more time between applications.

Most women will either gently adapt to their natural gray color in this way, or they will decide that they would prefer to continue to show a younger look to the world, and return to coloring their hair. Most women find that going a little bit lighter matches the look of their skin complexion better. As we age, we do need to adjust the colors we wear in our make-up, our clothing, and our hair.

Matrix Socolor Recrafted in time for Fall Hair 2009

Imagine a haircolor that not only  covers grey and creates amazing shades but also provides non-stop conditioning.  MATRIX SOCOLOR RECRAFTED features Cera Oil conditioning complex, which continuously conditions the hair for up to 30 shampoos.  “The polymers and ceramides condition the hair stand during the color process making it smooth, resilient and healthy looking. I have been using and loving Socolor for years and I did not think they could improve upon it.  Wow, did they ever!  With a ColorGrip Dye Technology that stops color from fading, keeps it true to its original tone and covers grey 100 % it is a true miracle.  A light floral scent  is another improvement over very overpowering chemical smell that usually is a trademark of permanent color and all just in  time for your Fall hair and Fall color!

San Francisco Halloween 2009 – 2nd Annual Severed Head Contest

We are turning heads.  Severed heads that is.  The salon is  located on the second floor on Union  Street and Buchanan in San Francisco.  Mannnequin/Severed heads peaking out at you as you are walking by.  

26 amazingly talented stylists was the count for last years heads.  Each head  a piece of art itself. What an amazing show.  With cash prizes and awards 4 beauty schools  participating.  

This  year  we would like  to also extend  the  invitation to some of the the best Hair salons  in San  Francisco to compete as well.  Who will win?  Who has  the passion?  Robyn Parish, Placement leader of San Francisco Institute of  Esthetics and Cosmetology said” We want to WIN this time!”  

I was honored  to get a call from Zenzie herself excited to participate  again this year.  

Who else has the courage to compete?  

Interested parties please contact Erika Redding

The premise “Amazing hair and  make-up”.  Anything goes, from outright stunning, funny,  thought provoking, to scary, ghoulish…  You get the idea.

1st   Prize   200.00
2nd  Prize   100.00
3rd   Prize     50.00

We invite the  public as well as other salons and schools to vote starting October 14, 2009. 

Stop by any time and cast your vote. Voting will close October 30, 2009 at 5 PM.  Winners will be announced on Halloween!
See last year’s Halloween Severed Head contest winners:
First Prize was swept away by two thirds of the votes. “Marie Antoinette” who was actually be-headed in real life. A very fitting candidate for a severed head contest. She was done by Loren Laughlin from Miss Marty’s School of Beauty. Loren received a 200.00 Dollar cash prize.

Marie Antoinette by Loren Laughlin from Miss Marty’s<br />
School of Beauty.

Second Prize was taken by Kate Dewald who entered “Beauty School Drop-out”. We all know and remember “Grease”. This girl is an amazing talent and will not go back to High School! Kate received a 100.00 dollar cash prize.
Beauty School Drop-out by Kate Dewald

Third Prize went to Tim Hutton who did Abandon a very majestic biblical figure. Tim, a very talented stylists who knows his worth was the only one to price his exhibition like a true artist.
Abandon by Tim Hutton

Need Hair Replacement? See the Foundation for Hair Restoration

Interested in Hair Replacement?

On March 25, 2009 Jon Hoffenberg, Head Patient Advisor for the Foundation for Hair Restoration will be in San Francisco for one-on-one consultations regarding hair loss and hair restoration. To make an appointment call 800-370-2883 or email

Jeffrey S. Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S., The Founder and Director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration, Board Certified, Facial Plastic Surgery; Board Certified, Hair Restoration Surgery; Board Certified, Otolaryngology, is one of the most well respected hair transplant surgeons in the world who has over 15 years experience as a hair restoration surgeon and 19 years as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

For more information about Dr. Epstein and the FHR, see the Foundation for Hair Restoration website. Also included is information regarding Follicular Unit Micrografting, Reparative Procedures, Combination Procedures, FUE Procedures, Facial Hair, Body Hair and Eyebrow & Eyelashes.

Running the Best Hair Salon in San Francisco 2009

So, just how does a hairdresser also become an entrepreneur/business owner of a great Hair Salon in San Francisco?

Most people get an education at a reputable business school and then armed with knowledge go out and make their way. In my case it was more of the “School of hard knocks” and “Learn as you earn” kind of philosophy. Some of the lessons where expensive ones and if you asked me, I have paid as much on my education than if I had gone to Berkeley, UCSF, or Stanford.

Having been a salon owner for 5 years the learning curve is much more fun now. However, some things where right out “painful” to learn. Like numbers for example! It took me 3 years to even look at them. Early on, I knew we where in the red. I felt like I was failing! So, in my mind if I did not look at the numbers, I could not be such a failure.

Marketing is another example of not understanding what or why things work. I would love to have the money I have spent on advertising and marketing alone. Then there are contracts, leases to negotiate, endless red tape so the government can keep track of you, problem solving, people skills, and so on. Being a more creative mind, hair-cutting, hair-coloring, party hair. blow-outs, make-up, etc… are super fun for me and super easy. It’s like playing with life-size dolls all day and hanging out with your friends gossiping and having fun. They talk about the right brain, left brain abilities and I have to say there is something to that. Being creative is fun, painless, and exciting. Business on the other hand was a learned skill for me.

After 5 years, I feel much more capable using both sides of my brain…LOL. We are moving full steam forward and remodeling the salon this week for a bigger better Red Union Salon! It takes a lot to keep being “The Best Hair Salon in San Francisco”. We attend hair classes all over the world to keep our skill set fresh. We also have in-house product knowledge classes at least every 3 months ensuring that our stylists are “the best at hair in the bay area”. They do everything with hair from Hair-styling, Hair-cutting, Hair-coloring, Corrective Color, Hi-lights, Low-lights, Party Hair, Perms, Relaxers, Party Styles, Extensions, Weddings, Make-up etc.

I have always felt that art, fashion and music are all part of the whole picture. We have a rotating Art Gallery with Art Openings every other month. I am looking forward to also bringing in the fashion and music in the very near future. Keep your eyes pealed and if you’re in the neighborhood check out our new remodel.

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone and thanks for helping make our hair salon what it is today.


What Did Red Union Salon Know Before Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton with John Hangarter’s
Miracle Makers Club

San Francisco: Paris Hilton holding Miracle Makers Club book by Joan HangarterJoan Hangarter sent me an email today saying “Oh my God, Paris Hilton is reading my book!”

Four months ago Red Union Salon had a staff meeting with Joan Hangarter from Miracle Makers Club and Cheryl Stokes from Delphi Tree. The purpose of this meeting was to change our energy in the salon and create some miracles. The meeting blew my mind. There where so many “miracles” in the salon daily it was hard to believe.

Red Union Salon had been in business for 5 years and we needed to fall in love with the Salon all over again. Not to mention it was time to take the salon to the “next level”. What was the next level you ask? We have been getting the salon ready for “Critical Mass” for the past year and a half. To achieve that, we implemented an online booking service, “Appointment-Plus” as well as an answering service, Pat Live both booking appointments 24/7. Kevin Edwards, our webmaster, has also had a very strong impact of achieving our goal by rebuilding us an amazing website 4 months ago – and when it comes to SEO and website optimization “master” would be an understatement.

So, while everyone is screaming “The sky is falling!”, I am happy to report we are going stronger than ever imaginable. Red Union Salon’s business has increased 30% in the last 4 months all thanks to these wonderful folks and their outstanding abilities. At this rate “Critical Mass” is only months away and we are very excited!