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How Red Union Hair Salon Set Up Online Scheduling and 24/7 Phone Service

Once upon a time, Red Union Hair Salon, was one of the first, if not the first salon in San Francisco and the Bay Area to book hair appointments online.

At the time, each of the 8 stylists where using a “paper book” writing and erasing each appointment one by one by either the receptionist or the stylist themselves. Phone calls back and forth. Day in and day out. This of course had been the most tried and true method for the Hair industry for decades maybe even 100 years and more.

Erika Redding owner, also a hair stylist and colorist of Red Union Salon suggested a change. It was meet with unbelievable resistance! No one wanted the change except for Erika.

She saw that “online booking” was “the way of the future” and the only way to stay in business “in” the future! It took 6 months to train the staff dragging each stylist by their Hair kicking and screaming!

She would say “With your paper book, only you can see your schedule. With online booking “The whole world” can see your schedule and book appointments 24/7. Which do you think will make you more money?”

Of course what the staff did not realize, they where only half way through their scheduling options. After months of prior research the second piece was “also” having a live receptionist book appointments 24/7. 365 days a year. PATLive was Red Union Hair Salon’s choice. This was a great choice for the clients that preferred talking to a real person.

PATLive also worked in conjunction with Appointment-Plus to book all of these appointments. Everyone was on the same grid. Now it was also unnecessary to have an in house receptionist since PATLive answered the phones 24/7.

Stylists want to do what they love most! HAIR. No more answering phones while they are with clients giving clients their full attention.

Clients also love booking their own hair salon appointments with Appointment-Plus. The clients can see the stylists availability not to mention being able to book their appointments on their own time.

So here we are years later loving PATLive and Appointment-Plus taking care and booking our valuable clients 24/7. 365 days a year.

Thank you both for your years of professionalism and having our back in helping us be one of the best Salons in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We love you lots:))

Hold it for Red Union Salon’s Prive Pick of the Month

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Stylist’s Pick of The Month: Detailing Pomade

Privé’s Detailing Pomade perfectly separates and defines style on short or long and layered hair. Enriched with comfrey, aloe and jojoba, Herbal Blend #43 delivers lightweight texture, flexible definition and brilliant shine. Hair is infused with moisture, softness and smoothness to keep it looking healthy and beautiful with perfectly separated, defined style.

Work a small amount through wet or dry hair using fingertips.

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Shining Weightless Amplifier

Herbal Blend #37 is enriched with a herbal blend of Rosemary and Jojoba. Shining Weightless Amplifier delivers softness, volume and body to fine hair. This incredibly unique styling foam is formulated with special Conditioning Agents that protect all hair types from thermal styling and provides amazing weightless volume while providing styles a medium hold. Shining Weightless Amplifier leaves the hair voluminous and healthy with a radiant, glossy shine.

Use Shining Weightless Amplifier on damp hair before blow-drying. Place a small amount onto your palm and distribute evenly through towel-dried hair. Massage a small amount through hair and enjoy.

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Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Daily Conditioner

Herbal Blend #11 improves hair manageability by soothing, nourishing and detangling. Enriched with aloe vera and wild cherry bark, this lightweight daily conditioner improves overall manageability with no build-up as it keeps color safe. Hair will look and feel healthy and beautiful and shine brilliantly.

After cleansing with Privé Daily Shampoo, massage a small amount through hair. Leave in for one to three minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

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Erika Redding, Summer Blonds, San Francisco

Mirror Mirror on the wall who’s the coolest blond of all? Matrix ultra.blonde Socolor.

With the launch of 7 new blond shades. Imagine all you can be. Imagine cooler, lighter brighter blondes. Maximum lift and tone up to 5 levels. Pushes the lift without punishing the hair with Cera-Oil for continuous conditioning.

Matrix Socolor, permanent color, has been my number one go to color for years. It never disappoints and now 7 “new blonde” shades. Simply amazing!

Matrix has been around since 1980 founded by Arnie Miller. One of the most successful haircare companies to date. If you asked Arnie his profession his answer would always be “I’m a hairdresser”. He of course was so much more than that. His vision, not shared by many at the time, was to supply the stylist with product to use but also provide education, knowledge and inspirations needed to succeed. That vision has not changed, which is why I make it my number one permanent color daily, translating to outstanding hair for my clients.

Command the spot light and see for yourself!


Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Finishing Texture Spray

Privé Finishing Texture Spray delivers a sleek textured semi-matte finish while giving hair a weightless volume. This medium hold spray is formulated with echinacea, gingko, and betula alba. Apply liberally to dry hair. Re-apply throughout the day to maintain style, volume and texture.

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Hair Salon - San Francisco - Red Union Salon - Hair Product  Pick of the Month - Privé Finishing Spray

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Extended Texture Clay

Enriched with shea butter and ocean kelp, Privé‘s Herbal Blend #48 delivers incredible workability and flexibility to short and long hair, men’s and women’s styles alike. #48 adds tremendous volume for long layers. Apply a dime size on a towel, rub in from roots to mid length to creat a beachy, saltwater vibe. Rub a pea sized amount on fingertips and apply from the root to ends to give an outstanding dry finish to short hair.

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Hair Salon - San Francisco - Red Union Salon - Hair Product  Pick of the Month - Privé Herbal Blend #48

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé’s Styling Gel Herbal Blend #31

Privé‘s Styling Gel Herbal Blend #31 delivers control and shine in a medium to firm hold gel. The alcohol free formula holds your style without build-up or flaking. This blend of Chamomile, Comfrey and Lemongrass renders soft natural control and healthy shine to your style.

Perfect for sculpting, taming and spiking hair. Just work a small amount through damp hair. Comb through for a sleek look or blow dry to add volume and shine.

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Hair Salon - San Francisco - Red Union Salon - Hair Product  Pick of the Month - Privé Styling Gel Herbal Blend #31

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Froth

Instant Next Day Hair. Express your rock ‘n roll or surfer style. Receive 50% off our Stylist’s Pick of the Month.

San Francisco's Red Union Hair Salon Pick of the Month -  Privé

Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Forth is the next generation of thoughtful planet technologies. This non-aerosol mousse amplifies your style while leaving your hair soft, shiny and full of bounce.

Features and Benefits:
Enriched with acai and babassu oil.

Clean air technology provides all you want in body and volume without releasing any HFC’s into the atmosphere.

Great for defining curls and reducing frizz.

Color safe formula.

Order online here

Be sure to check out the other products we carry at Red Union Hair Salon in San Francisco.