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Featured Stylist: Erika Redding

Erika - founder and owner of Red Union SalonErika Redding, also known as Hair-ika, is the founder and owner of Red Union Salon established in 2003.

Erika is an amazing colorist. She does hair cuts and color for both men and woman. Her advanced color techniques include: Balayage, Ombré, hi-lights, low light, single process tints, natural grey blending on men and more.

Her hair and fashion expertise has included work both in front and behind the camera as a hair designer, fashion designer, makeup artist and wardrobe designer.

Her advanced international training with Vidal-Sassoon, Redken, and Matrix has enabled her to educate other stylists at hair shows across North America.

She has even modeled and designed hair backstage at Prêt-à-Porter, the famous international fashion event in Paris.

Erika has been called the “Zen” hairstylist for her grounding and calming effect on her clients.

With her expert haircutting and hair coloring techniques, she is a true artist at work that loves designing a breathtaking new look for you!

Redken News – Hair Color Spring 2016

Our clients voted Red Union Salon for Best Color, Best Highlights and Best Haircuts

Thank you to all of our faithful clients who voted us “Best of City Search
in San Francisco and the Bay Area”. You voted us Best Hair Color, Best Haircut and Best Hair Highlights. We placed in the top 7 on all three catagories and we have you our clients to thank for that.

Your love placed us 5th for Best Haircuts, 6th for Best Color and 7th for
Best Highlights. Not to shabby out of hundreds of participating salons in
San Francisco and the Bay Area.

If you have any friends you’d like to share this information with the
products our color team uses are Matrix Socolor, Redken Shades EQ, Paul
Mitchell, Goldwell, Schwartzkoph, Phyto, Framesi.

All of our stylist are senior stylists with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

So, thank you again for all your support and we love you as much as you love


Should You Dye Your Hair Gray?

Gray Hair - Should you dye your gray hair - Haircut - Hair Salon - San Francisco, CAMany women who have been dying their hair for years wonder if the battle is worth it. Some clients even wonder if they are already completely gray, but because they have been dying their hair for so long, they have no idea what their real hair color looks like.

Usually by this time, women are getting their roots touched up every 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. Their question is whether or not we can simply dye your hair gray and be done with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as all that. The simple answer is, no. You cannot dye your hair gray. Gray hair is due to loss of pigment in your hair.

Hair that has lost pigment is technically translucent hair, meaning it has no color in the shaft. That is why as your hair continues to gray, it goes from looking somewhat silver (due to the fact that you still have a number of hairs that have pigment in them) to white, which is when all shafts of hair have lost pigment.

For those of you who may want to consider “going gray” naturally, you could consider slowly lightening your hair to a pale blonde color. This way you could go a little bit longer between colorings, and gradually grow into your new hair color.

What you’re trying to do is to transition from the permanent tint that has been applied to your hair so far, and using a temporary or semi-permanent formulation to continue covering the gray as the original permanent color grows out.

Temporary color washes out after a single shampoo. The nice thing about the semi-permanent color is that it only adheres to the outside of the shaft of hair with a little bit of the dye penetrating the hair shaft and then washes out after a certain number of shampoos. This technique works best for women who have adopted a shorter hair style. This will give you more time between applications.

Most women will either gently adapt to their natural gray color in this way, or they will decide that they would prefer to continue to show a younger look to the world, and return to coloring their hair. Most women find that going a little bit lighter matches the look of their skin complexion better. As we age, we do need to adjust the colors we wear in our make-up, our clothing, and our hair.

Red Union Hair Salon in Crave San Francisco Guide

San Francisco Crave Book

The Crave San Francisco Book is here! Great Christmas gift for you and your friends! You may purchase it here at Red Union Salon, or Barnes & Noble for 19.95 plus tax. We are very proud to be written up in the Crave Book this year. This is a very cool book if you want to be in the know as to where to go. Discounts for most of the businesses listed in the back of book which makes it a great buy. Happy Shopping!

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Redken's Do You Shades EQ – Inspiration in Hair Color

Wow, does this article (see below) ever take me back. Do you remember when Sebastian invented Cellophanes? It was one of the first colors that created a lot of shine with a lot of color deposit, and one of my favorite colors ever.

Being a new stylist at the time it was a bit challenging however. Many of the colors where “Hot!” – in the industry meaning on the “unnatural” side. Punk was in then. However if you where not a “punker” and did not want screaming bright hair, it was definitely a problem. So, when Redken came out with Shades EQ, I fell in love. We use Shades EQ in the salon now and it is “perfection every time”. We still also use Sebastian and love it too. Of course it’s not scary any more since we are all seasoned colorists & stylists now.

For more information, be sure to check out the Do You Shades EQ website.

Do you shades EQ – Celebrating 20 Years of Inspiration
Stylists around the world depend on its gentle, no-lift formula to glaze refresh and correct. With every Shades EQ service, they know their clients will end up with healthy, shiny, amazing color. What else would you expect from the “haircolor that thinks it’s a conditioner”.

Amazing Credentials
In 1988, haircolor wasn’t the first thing on stylists minds. Back then, it was all about the “cool factor” of being a great cutter. Companies focused on product and education desighned to cater to younger clients desire for cuts and body waves. Hard to believe but color was thought of as complicated, old fashioned and-frankly-just not hip!

Something had to come along to change things. That something was Shades EQ. Redken Founder Paula Kent Meehan turned what seemed like a limitation into an asset, creating haircolor that was simple, dependable and totally versatile. The EQ represented the equalizing effects on the porosity of the hair, and “conditioning color gloss” let stylists and clients know they’d end up with healthy, gorgeous shine. What’s more, catch names like “TerraCotta” amd “Rocket Fire” helped stylists easily visualize the results they’s get.

For the first time, stylists where empowered to give clients their dream haircolor, and they weren’t afraid to do it, in fact, they were excited about haircolor.

An Inspiring Future
20 years later, that excitement hasn’t faded one bit. Now, with more than 50 shades in 16 tonal families, there’s simply no limit to the possibilities. No wonder stylists vote Shades EQ the #1 long-lasting, no ammonia, demi-permanent haircolor year after year.
-Ann Mincey,
Vice President, Redken Global Communications
Favorite Shades EQ Shades: 06AABonfire and 06R Rocket Fire