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Redken News – Hair Color Spring 2016

R U ready for a new spring look? A new color, some hi-lights? and a new haircut?

Blonde Hair for Spring
Erika Redding, the owner of Red Union Salon loves changing her clients looks! When her clients are open, she loves changing their hair color seasonally. In spring she starts by adding hi-lights to her clients hair. Her Summer hair color is usually the lightest and brightest with lots of dimensional hi lights. She starts deepening the color in fall with lots of autumn shades and in winter the color is usually the darkest, coolest for a more and dramatic effect.

One of Erika’s favorite colors to use are Redken’s Shades EQ, an equalizing conditioning color gloss. She has 35 shades of color to choose from and will create a striking new looks for you. The reason she chooses Shades EQ is the color adds a lot of shine and makes the hair look and feel better the first time no matter how damaged your hair is and improves use after use. The color is designed to last approximately 6-8 weeks. However, if you follow Erika’s recommendation to shampoo your hair no more than 2-3 times a week your color will last even longer.

Erika’s favorite color to use when hi-lighting is Matrix SoColor.
SoColor Honey Creme hair color is the number one professional tube hair color in America. The advanced organic honey base and extra moisturizing ingredients deliver beautiful, lasting results with complete predictability.

It’s her permanent color line that she uses to create dimensional high-lights and low-lights as well as her permanent tints.
The “ultra-light blonde” series are awesome if you love to be blonde. A totally natural look for complete coverage or high lighted effects.
The “gray natural series” with double pigmentation are outstanding if you wish to completely cover stubborn grays or blend your gray.

So if you’re ready for your sexy new spring look, Erika is offering $20 off her color services and $20 off her haircuts until Summer with this offer.

Winter Hair in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Is our winter finally here? I must say this year our Indian Summer lasted far longer than normal.

While other states are already plagued with snow and freezing weather San Francisco has been incredible hot the latest I have ever seen it.

So now that things are going to getter wetter in the next few month let’s talk about best ways to handle your hair.

Is your hair curly? Having curly hair myself, I usually say product, product, product! I can’t stress this enough! Curl enhancing products work wonders for me. Some of my favorite are Redken’s Curvaceous line. Complete with curvaceous shampoo, curvaceous conditioner, curvaceous ringlet, curvaceous full swirl and curvaceous wind up. If you’re on a budget Redken tends to be the most cost effective. It is a bit strong on the scent however which I am not loving.

Prive on the other hand smells just fresh, clean not overbearing. It is a botanical line and it’s French. When it comes to French hair and skin products I tend to be in love. It’s my number one choice. It costs a little more but in my mind worth it.

What’s great about curly hair, you never worry about the weather as long as you’re stocked up on your curl enhancers.

Is your hair straight or has a little bend? Oh boy. You know that you are coming into the most high end maintenance time of year. With the fog, rain and wind, straight hair can get flat and frizzy. I highly recommend Prive relaxing gel to blow and smooth your hair out. It is light not heavy and is the most amazing smoothing gel. Top it off with a little Prive vanishing oil. Besides the all popular Argan oil it also has maracuja oil and brazil nut oil. All to give you smooth and incredible shiny hair. Another great trick for straight hair is not washing it every day. You can put on just a little relaxing gel on your dry hair and blow it dry and smooth it again.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are fast approaching and we can’t wait to do all your haircuts and colors.

Oh, Kay!

Oh, Kay! Red Union Hair Salon Recommended Entertainment in San Francisco, CA

I personally saw this show a few days a go and it is a scream!  I loved it and have recommended it to all my friends and clients.  If you love musicals great make-up,  hair and costumes like I do your in.  A outstandingly fun evening with lots of laughs!

Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Book buy Guy Bolton &Guy Bolton

Showing November @ through 20th, 2011
at the Eureka Theater 
215 Jackson Street San Francisco
in Gateway Plaza (between Battery & Front)


Tuesday-Friday, noon-5 pm

THE 20s ROAR WITH SCANDALOUS HI-JINKS AMONG THE SWANK LONG ISLAND SET!  A trio of bootleggers land smack in the middle of romantic intrigue at Long Island estate in 1926.  The champagne, laughs and dazzling Gershwin tunes flow freely as the merrymaking skyrockets.  The Parade of Gershwin standards include ‘someone to watch over me”, “Fidgety Feet”, “Maybe”, “Clap Yo’Hands” and “Do, Do Do”.

Directed: By:       MAUREEN McVERRY   
Music Director:   BRANDON ADAMS 
Choreographer:   STACI ARRIAGA


Artistic Director:           GREG MACKELLAN
Production Director:      STEPHANI RHOADS
Executive :                 LAUREN HEWITT

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Haircuts and Fashion for Spring 2009 – Looking Good in the Recession

Simple haircuts for Spring
Despite  the economic news, the spring 2009 runways featured bright, shiny and  geometrically constructed collections.   From red-carpet ready goddess dresses to ’80s street fashion to silky harem  pants and jumpsuits, designers went bold.  As a result, runway hair tended to be subtler.  It  seems this  season is  all about  paring down the hair.  Hair had a very modern feel that stayed close to the  head.  Loose hair was the exception not the rule.

Off the Face Hair
Whether swept up or slicked back, this season’s was kept away from the face with no bangs to disturb the lines. The close-to-the-head wet look was seen on the runways of Badgley Mischka, D&G, and Versace.  At Prada, Guido Palau pulled hair into a classic French twist,  and then gave the style  extreme edge by giving it a lacquered look.

Middle Hair Parts
A runway  staple, middle parts are sexy, simple and can be reinvented each season  to work with bouncy curl, loose waves or super straight styles.  Seen on the runways  of Calvin Klein, Donna Karan,  Marc Jacobs and Versace.  The middle part can add edge to an updo or infuse style with casual glam.

Hair accessories
Almost every designer incorporated a  headpiece into their show.  Guido paired romantic waves with jauntry fedoras for Ralph Lauren and created “caps” by wrapping tights around the models’ head at Jean Paul Gaultier.  Marc Jacobs fashioned a textured braid to go with the designers hats using Redkens‘ Fabricate and create flyaways for a messy look.  Adding a  hair accessory like a hat or headband can really complement an over-all look.

So, there you have the scoop for spring!  We look forward to seeing you soon to incorporate these new looks into your life style.

What Did Red Union Salon Know Before Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton with John Hangarter’s
Miracle Makers Club

San Francisco: Paris Hilton holding Miracle Makers Club book by Joan HangarterJoan Hangarter sent me an email today saying “Oh my God, Paris Hilton is reading my book!”

Four months ago Red Union Salon had a staff meeting with Joan Hangarter from Miracle Makers Club and Cheryl Stokes from Delphi Tree. The purpose of this meeting was to change our energy in the salon and create some miracles. The meeting blew my mind. There where so many “miracles” in the salon daily it was hard to believe.

Red Union Salon had been in business for 5 years and we needed to fall in love with the Salon all over again. Not to mention it was time to take the salon to the “next level”. What was the next level you ask? We have been getting the salon ready for “Critical Mass” for the past year and a half. To achieve that, we implemented an online booking service, “Appointment-Plus” as well as an answering service, Pat Live both booking appointments 24/7. Kevin Edwards, our webmaster, has also had a very strong impact of achieving our goal by rebuilding us an amazing website 4 months ago – and when it comes to SEO and website optimization “master” would be an understatement.

So, while everyone is screaming “The sky is falling!”, I am happy to report we are going stronger than ever imaginable. Red Union Salon’s business has increased 30% in the last 4 months all thanks to these wonderful folks and their outstanding abilities. At this rate “Critical Mass” is only months away and we are very excited!

Reading up on Campania & Italy

Cooking with Amy is one of my favorite food blogs. Amy has a great post on reading up on Campania & Italy, which made me hungry for some pasta at Pasta Pomodoro.

Amy Sherman is a really interesting woman, and we would love to do something with her hair if she gave us a chance.