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San Francisco Featured Artist: Elena Achilli

San Francisco Featured Artist: Elena Achilli

Featured Artist Elena Achilli at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Elena Achilli – Artist Statement:
“Painting for me is a love affair: I am profoundly passionate about it, it grips my heart tightly and I yearn for it when I am away. I am both a dreamer and a believer. I work very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which I allow the image to evolve and unravel. My practice demands that I am courageous and openhearted and it always involves risk. It is also an eternal search for truth. I feel things with a burning intensity and my canvas provides a haven for these huge emotions.

I am fascinated by chaos and order fragility and strength, existing simultaneously and the easy harmony that occurs in the natural world between these two forces. My canvas becomes a visual response to these elemental energies and polarities discovered within the environment and myself.

My work is a celebration of the colours and ultimate contrast, no gradients and embraces all that is mistery: the ambiguity is as relevant as the seen in the finished piece.”

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