Do you know what’s more difficult than being a mom? It’s being a working mom. Working moms have two full-time jobs – a mom and an employee. That’s why they don’t have time for anything.

As every woman, working moms also love new hairstyles. Having a good hair is important to them because, apart from being women, they are also business professionals and they need to look good. Being too busy, working moms usually don’t have time or forget to make an online appointment with their favorite hairstylist. And, that can be a real problem sometimes.

With summer around the corner, we start thinking about our summer look in terms of clothes, footwear, bags, as well as hairstyles. And, so do all the working moms, right? In order to show you that we completely understand you and we appreciate all you do for your families, we have put a list of the top 5 summer hairstyle trends for working moms. So, let’s check it out.

I. Topsy Tail

This hairstyle is perfect for medium and long hair. It’s a great choice for all working moms because it is very easy to do it and it doesn’t take much time, yet it looks interesting.

How to do it?

  1. Tie your hair in a low ponytail.
  2. Loosen it a bit with your fingers and make a gap with them.
  3. Flip the pony in the gap. Do this step twice to get beautiful twists to your hair.
  4. Put a hair band at the end of the twists to make a ponytail. You can also use a hair spray for a long –lasting effect.
Topsy Tail hairstyle

II. Longer Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for medium and long hair. We love it because it takes around 1 minute to make it.

How to do it?

  1. Divide your hair in two – one half from the top to the crown of your head, and the other from the crown to the bottom of your head.
  2. Make a ponytail with the upper half.
  3. Make a ponytail with the lower half.
  4. Let the upper ponytail cover the lower one to create an illusion of a longer and fuller ponytail
  5. You can use a hair spray at the end to ensure your hairstyle will stay in the desired position longer.
Longer Ponytail hairstyle

III. Top Knot

We love Top Knot hairstyle. It’s great for medium and long hair. It’s the perfect everyday summer look. The best of it’s that you spend only a couple of minutes doing it

How to do it?

  1. Tie your hair back on the top of your head using an elastic hair band.
  2. Twist the hair to make a bun.
  3. Use a hair pin to hold the bun in a place.
  4. Loosen the bun up a bit and let few strands to fall out, to give a softer and summer look of this hairstyle
Top Knot hairstyle

IV. No slip bun

This is another great looking and interesting hairstyle for the upcoming summer. Buns are currently the most popular hairstyle, so this hairstyle is perfect for the working moms who want to feel comfortable during the hot summer days, yet look professional.

How to do it?

  1. Divide your hair into two ponytails in the back of your head.
  2. Twist each of them, separately.
  3. Wrap them around each other, in circle to form a bun and put a hair tie or hair pins to hold the bun.
No Slip Bun hairstyle

The 5-minute waves

This is the evergreen summer hairstyle. It takes 5 minutes or less to do it, it’s easy to do, yet stylish. It’s a great choice for every working mom.

How to do it?

  1. Braid your hair.
  2. Run the brain over with a flat iron several times.
  3. Lose it and see the magic of perfect waves.

We hope that you will find these hairstyles helpful and will enjoy doing them every day!

5 min waves hairstyle