Featured Artist – Gregory Dugan

Gregory Dugan

Gregory Dugan paints abstract expression landscape paintings on small and large canvases creating brilliant and beautiful colors, textures and action paint movement. He depicts raw emotions and deep spirituality in his paintings using acrylics, oils, gold leaf and red sand from the beautiful red rocks in southern Utah where he lpaints during the spring and fall. His paintings are extremely visual, dramatic and highly sought after by private collectors. Mr. Dugan’s internationally known studio is located in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California, a neighborhood that continues to have a famous history of resident silversmliths, artists and photographers.

At the moment, Mr. Dugan has six paintings in the Powell Street windows of Saks Fifth Avenue, 384 Post Street. (Corner of Post and Powell).

Sales office: 2980 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA (415) 516-0553.