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Featured Artist – Joshua Lockwood

San Francisco Artist Josh Lockwood

“My goal and ambition as an artist, is to visually express the worlds that exist in the realm of dream and mythology. While mostly it results in entertainment for the senses, I believe that these universal images be they frightening, enchanting or enlightening can be used to explore the mysteries of the unknown. This reality has drawn me specifically into the realm of science fiction, surrealism, and fantasy.

By infusing classical themes of beauty into new forms and ideals, my hope is to enhance our collective sense of what is beautiful today and what may exsist in the future.”

Born in Fresno, California, Josh Lockwood has been pursuing his artistic passions since early childhood. After graduating high school in Fresno, Josh came to San francisco to study illustration at the Academy of Art University, earning his AA in 2005 while currently pursuing his BFA anticipating graduation in 2010.

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Featured Artist – Young Mi Chi

Young Mi ChiMy mother introduced to me art when I was five years old. Since that time I have pursued my passion for painting.

A series of my mixed media painting and collage entitled Love Letters. This series of my artwork profiled on April and July of 2002 and 2004 on Chronicle Newspaper in San Francisco and published by Bentley House in Worldwide.

Over the past 10 years I have developed a series of mixed media works with the theme of love letters. I want these to represent not only romantic love letters but letters between people’s friendship. I believe a love letter could be work of art. I enjoy and appreciate their personal choices of envelope with hand writing. It makes me feel so warm and beloved. I try to paint all these nice feelings and memories into my artwork.

I carefully choose a shape of canvas and colors. The canvas shape represents envelope of love letter which is rectangular and use a rich palette and sophisticates color. I often use Chinese characters of happiness, love, beautiful, grace, peace and harmony on my art works. I believe these words are universal.

I received my BFA in Painting and my MFA in Illustration from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Recently, I started my Ph. D in Asian Art History at the U.C. Berkeley. I work as a freelance designer and painter.

I contributed San Francisco general hospital foundation, Hearts Project 2004. I also designed a new San Francisco Asian Art Museum opening event banners of year 2003, 22,000 square feet which wrapped and inaugural unveiled of the building.

I have exhibited my mixed media paintings and collages in China, Seoul Korea, Paris, Los Angeles, Danver, Boulder, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle

Work displayed : Love Letter

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Featured Artist – Janelle Randall

Janelle RandallJanelle Randall grew up drawing and painting in Bremerton, Washington, surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Recognizing that painting is an ongoing source of joy in her life, she decided to pursue her passion more formally by enrolling in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Janelle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005, with a focus on painting the figure.

Since then, Janelle has had numerous solo and group shows and commissions. She also gives drawing and painting lessons and paints at local events.

Artist Statement:
Each of my works carries a visual flow that is meant to be inviting and thought-provoking, with nature being a primary inspiration. Lively and bright, my artwork often reflects a colorful garden of plants. All pieces contain life, and hold a moment of it to last.

Paintings By Janelle Randall

Work Displayed : Celeste