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Featured Artist – Studio Osterberg

James C. Osterberg Jr.About the artist:
Originally from Rochester, New York, James C. Osterberg Jr. relocated to San Francisco in September of 2002 looking to expand upon an existing, enthusiastic client base. His painting technique of using pure, vibrant acrylic colors straight from the tubes and mixing them on the canvas with dramatic brush work, together with his unique way of looking at and depicting everyday life, give his work an undeniably magnetic quality.

From the artist:
The true purpose of my art has become the rendering of the human spirit, stylizing and distorting, while using bold, pure color to intensify the images, and their messages. I strive to communicate my feelings and life experiences to my audience, while enriching and adding new dimension to the common threads of our lives.

To veiw Studio Osterberg’s Art go to his website at:

Featured Artist – Lisa Sanders

Lisa Sanders was born in New Zealand where she was influenced at an early age by Maori art,especially their wood carving and woven cloaks and skirts. She came to the United States via Europe in the early ’60s residing first in the Bay area then settling in the Central Valley. Formal art studies include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from California State University Stanislaus.

Lisa has worked with many media including fiber, watercolour, printmaking, metal and oils. Her current work is figurative expressionism in acrylic, assemblage and mono-printing.She is interested in colour, movement, rhythm and texture. She is especially interested in faces and the human form. The central theme of her work has always been various interpretations of the human figure with a strong emotional content. The viewer is intrigued and challenged to experience the impact of her work and its imagery of the human condition. But in every medium she wants to leave enough ambiguity so the viewers can interpret from their own experience.