Featured Artist: Amanda Holt

San Francisco Hair Salon Featured Artist Amanda Holt

The artist Amanda Holt has been living in the bay for nearly a decade. She graduated from The Art Institute of California, San Francisco, with a B.S. in Media Arts and Animation. She has coined her style ‘Urban Cartoon’ although she has the ability to truly mix up and blend a diverse medium, subject and technique-shaking up the overall composition to create a brilliance of color and imagination.

The artist will recall learning how to hold the pencil at 3, to create a world to escape into even early on in childhood. By the age 7 she had began to declare that she wanted to be an ‘animator’ when she grew up. She always pursued the arts and theatre realizing that animation would be the perfect opportunity to ‘act through her pencil’ so she figured may as well adapt to the concepts early on. She pursued a career in animation at age 18 when moving to San Francisco to study her passion. She has worked all over the bay for Independant Non-Profit companies providing services in graphic design, illustration and animation. Currently, she is working on an animation collaboration with local artist Alp Ozberker. Alongside multiple independent projects.

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