How Red Union Hair Salon Set Up Online Scheduling and 24/7 Phone Service

Once upon a time, Red Union Hair Salon, was one of the first, if not the first salon in San Francisco and the Bay Area to book hair appointments online.

At the time, each of the 8 stylists where using a “paper book” writing and erasing each appointment one by one by either the receptionist or the stylist themselves. Phone calls back and forth. Day in and day out. This of course had been the most tried and true method for the Hair industry for decades maybe even 100 years and more.

Erika Redding owner, also a hair stylist and colorist of Red Union Salon suggested a change. It was meet with unbelievable resistance! No one wanted the change except for Erika.

She saw that “online booking” was “the way of the future” and the only way to stay in business “in” the future! It took 6 months to train the staff dragging each stylist by their Hair kicking and screaming!

She would say “With your paper book, only you can see your schedule. With online booking “The whole world” can see your schedule and book appointments 24/7. Which do you think will make you more money?”

Of course what the staff did not realize, they where only half way through their scheduling options. After months of prior research the second piece was “also” having a live receptionist book appointments 24/7. 365 days a year. PATLive was Red Union Hair Salon’s choice. This was a great choice for the clients that preferred talking to a real person.

PATLive also worked in conjunction with Appointment-Plus to book all of these appointments. Everyone was on the same grid. Now it was also unnecessary to have an in house receptionist since PATLive answered the phones 24/7.

Stylists want to do what they love most! HAIR. No more answering phones while they are with clients giving clients their full attention.

Clients also love booking their own hair salon appointments with Appointment-Plus. The clients can see the stylists availability not to mention being able to book their appointments on their own time.

So here we are years later loving PATLive and Appointment-Plus taking care and booking our valuable clients 24/7. 365 days a year.

Thank you both for your years of professionalism and having our back in helping us be one of the best Salons in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We love you lots:))