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Featured Stylist: Erika Redding

Erika - founder and owner of Red Union SalonErika Redding, also known as Hair-ika, is the founder and owner of Red Union Salon established in 2003.

Erika is an amazing colorist. She does hair cuts and color for both men and woman. Her advanced color techniques include: Balayage, Ombré, hi-lights, low light, single process tints, natural grey blending on men and more.

Her hair and fashion expertise has included work both in front and behind the camera as a hair designer, fashion designer, makeup artist and wardrobe designer.

Her advanced international training with Vidal-Sassoon, Redken, and Matrix has enabled her to educate other stylists at hair shows across North America.

She has even modeled and designed hair backstage at Prêt-à-Porter, the famous international fashion event in Paris.

Erika has been called the “Zen” hairstylist for her grounding and calming effect on her clients.

With her expert haircutting and hair coloring techniques, she is a true artist at work that loves designing a breathtaking new look for you!


Red Union Salon “the make-over specialists” would like to offer you a full Make-over by hiring the best San Francisco has to offer.

Let Erika Redding, our expert colorist and hair designer create a unique look just for you. It starts with her consultation. She will asses your daily hair routine, your hair texture, and your individual coloring (skin color and eye color) to create the perfect hair color and haircut. She will even show you how to style your new haircut so you can reproduce your new look every day.

Then let Christina Choi, our national acclaimed makeup artist finish your look. She is known
for her clean and modern make up artistry.
Her attention to detail can always be seen in her work. She has created Christina Choi Cosmetics and she will teach you your new make up look and you can even take her products home to recreated your new look if you desire.

San Francisco Featured Artist: Sandra Purchase

San Francisco Featured Artist: Sandra Purchase at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Sandra Purchase: I currently live and work in the South-West of England.

I have always enjoyed collecting and working with vintage material, postcards and general ephemeral from a bygone era. This crucial gathering of materials is a focal point of my work. This interest led me to complete a three year BA Honors Design Craft Degree at the University of Crafts which I completed in 2000.

Since then my work has been based on images taken from periods advertising, the glamour and glitz of the 1950’s, Mills and Boon cover titles of that era, old film posters and annuals. I select these images because they remind me of my childhood, the way my mother dressed, the books she may have read and the films I enjoyed as I grew up.

The glamours, sugary nature of these pictures are the main inspirations; immaculate hair, polished smiles and perfect faces, but I adapt them using my found reclaimed vintage fabric. The layering of printed material retains much of the original glamour but places the characters or scenes within a more surreal setting removed from the original context. The actors, with each piece, become embedded within the make-up of fabric and trimmings. A further application of paints and additional threads produces the final theatrical and frivolous results.

San Francisco Featured Artist: Zohreh Noorian

Featured Artist Zohreh Noorian at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CAZohreh Noorian: Photography is how I express myself. I am not naturally a talkative person, I share what’s important to me through my art. Nature is the preferred subject of my photography because it is humbling, provides me with clarity, and relaxes me. I love the vastness of nature because in it I see life revealing itself.

Photography is my way of expressing this view to others. When I take a photograph, I excitedly think, “I’ve captured this moment of life.” I hope others will experience that same fleeting moment and beauty when they see my photos. My photography style is vibrant and playful.

Through the lens, the spontaneity of nature is revealed. When I hold my camera, I see life’s beauty unfolding moment by moment. In my every photograph, life bringing itself, in all it’s entirely to my attention. Rather than using preconceived formulas and techniques to create art, I allow the art of that moment to decide the photograph that I take. In so doing, I capture instants of life as they happen. When one is present and in the moment, life in all of its fullness will reveal itself to you.

Featured Artist Zohreh Noorian at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CAI am a passionate photographer. While the process of learning the skills of ones craft is crucial, Art is an inspiration that comes from within. I believe we are all artists—photography brings out the inspired artist in me. “When you don’t expect anything and open to the possibility, everything is at your disposal.” ~Rumi, 7th century

San Francisco Featured Artist: Michelle Sixta

Featured Artist Michelle Sixta at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Artist Statement:
My work comes out of an intuitive creative process and is inspired by the natural world. While enjoying one of my favorite pastimes, hiking, I photograph scenes and details along the way. I look for bold imagery, textures, colors, shadows and light patterns. I also bring motion into my images by purposefully playing with slower shutter speeds. As I review my digital images, I get a “hit” on the ones that I should use for my next creation. I proceed to play with the various images and transform them into bright, bold, iconic pieces that convey the luminescence and earthy textures found in nature.

Michelle Sixta was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1961. Throughout her art education she explored a full range of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and interior design. During this time she was awarded a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute. It was photography that kept her interest, inspired in great part by her father who was an avid photographer when he was a young man.

Michelle received her degree in commercial printing at the University of Central Missouri in 1983. Her affinity for “hands-on” work drew her interest toward screen printing. While learning about the various printing processes, she continued to develop her photography skills and worked as a campus photographer for 4 years.

After college, Michelle worked in the commercial printing field for 6 years in various positions from production planning to sales representative. She started out at a major screen printing company that had Hallmark Cards as one of its main clients. It was here that she began to truly understand what is involved in taking an artistic creation from the drawing board to the finished product. In 1985, Michelle moved to Sacramento, California and became a sales representative for a high-end offset printer Fong & Fong, known for producing fine art prints.

In 1992 Michelle moved to downtown Oakland and lived near Lake Merritt. She was taken with the abundance and uniqueness of birds at this wildlife refuge, and got into “birding.” A multitude of birdwatching hikes helped her to learn more about the local terrain. She also took a wilderness skills class that opened her eyes to many of the details in the natural world.

In the late 90’s, while working in the Marketing Communications Group for a major corporation, she developed skills in email and website design. In the course of project work, she was exposed to an artist who did “composite photography” which inspired her to explore this media. It was a perfect conduit, allowing Michelle to combine many of her interests and skills to create artwork that reflects her vision of the natural world. She launched her first collection to the public in January of 2010.

Visit Michelle Sixta website at:

San Francisco Featured Artist: Maura Vazakas

Born and raised in New York, Maura Vazakas has been drawing since childhood, inspired by her artist mother. She studied music, with degrees from Juilliard, Oberlin Conservatory, and Univ. of Michigan, but had a passion for art and design. Her paintings are influenced by everything around her, but always end up being about humor, nature, nostalgia and pop culture.

The latest paintings are more minimal, and architectural in nature as lines merge as structures against a loose, painterly constructed background.

In keeping with her love of cities and architecture, Maura’s latest drawing series depict great buildings of the world, rendering some in daylight as well as buildings in a night scene. The latter plays with not only the buildings but with lighted windows, street lights, and their play with the night sky. Another series includes small graphite “knot” drawings and an ongoing series of photographs of the interior of refrigerators.

Maura Vazakas was a featured artist in the publication New American Paintings, Vol. 31., and her works have been shown in galleries in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York and Dallas. Maura Vazakas is currently represented by G2 gallery in Scottsdale.

San Francisco Featured Artist: Georgia Dominici

Georgia Dominici is a San Francisco artist whose work interprets the female role throughout history. She explores how the expectations and standards for modern women are shaped by myths and fictional stories of the past. Her acrylic paintings place iconic females from mythical and religious narratives within contemporary settings. Her characters range from Venus to the Virgin Mary, each representing a specific female moral. Her work questions whether these morals remain if the figure is placed in a new time and space. They are stripped of their settings and relationships in order to see what sort of transformation takes place. By isolating these characters of the past within the cold realities of the present, she is able to examine to what extent their respective morals persist. Her work exposes that in the present, these female archetypes take on new and upsetting connotations. She attempts to prove that we continue to look to these archaic female models as the basis for today’s woman and explores this manifestation through her paintings.

Georgia works to imbue each piece with an instant mood by the over-saturation of a single color tone. While an austere shade of green may imply a rather sorrowful sentiment, a reddish hue can suggest a state of passion or fury. The style in which the paint is applied creates an almost puzzle like effect. Large areas of layered color is used to give an incomplete and fragmented state to her subjects. Her pop art asthetic reflects the contemporary interpretation of these classic figures. Through this visual exploration, she proves that their issues continue to be universal and timeless.

Georgia attended Hunter College in New York and earned her B.A. in Studio Art with a specialty in painting. She has shown her work in both New York and San Francisco.

San Francisco Featured Artist: Julie Jaycox

Featured Artist Julie Jaycox at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CAJulie Jaycox describes her work: These photos are my own intimate view of nature’s incredible creativity. An entire life cycle can be observed and documented in a garden through the growth and decay of plants, who both feed us and entertain us with their delightful blooms.

I was born here in California but raised on Sunset magazine in the Midwest, went to college in the geological beauty that is Utah, and enjoyed a 15-year stint in New York City before moving back to the Bay Area. I have been shooting botanically for more than fifteen years. I love plants and being outdoors, inheriting my interest from my father, a beekeeper and gardener. I grow my own cacti and succulents because they are beautiful and survive my occasional neglect.

I use a Contax RX 35mm camera with Fuji NPS 160 print film (now out of production, but filling my refrigerator), natural lighting (fog is a wonderful light filter) and no tripod. None of my images are cropped or altered in any way. They are printed straight from the negative.

My botanical photos have been exhibited twice at the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park, they have been shown regularly at Canessa Gallery on Montgomery Street, and I have an ongoing display of my work at Mama’s on Washington Square in North Beach. I have shown a variety of photographic images (not all botanical) in venues around the U.S. and Europe, including a group show at The San Francisco Women’s Art Gallery.”

For more info, visit:

San Francisco Featured Artist: Krishna Bhat

Featured Artist Krishna Bhat at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CAKrishna Bhat received his art education in England and San Francisco. He has lived in San Francisco for twenty years and has shown his work in various galleries throughout the city. With vivid, bold colors, his paintings, which are mostly in Oils, capture mood, energy and feeling in an absorbing manner- viewers often having very different interpretations of each.

As well as working as a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Photographer, Krishna also runs his own After School Art Program where he teaches Kids ages 8-18. In addition, Krishna is co-owner of Rock n Roll Babies, a line of organic and funky baby clothing (on which his illustrations can be seen).

Visit Krishna’s Website or contact the artist directly at:

San Francisco Featured Artist: Milan Felice Evje

Featured Artist Milan Felice Evje at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA“I was born in Northern California and currently live in San Francisco. I have been painting since I was twelve years-old and started having exhibits at seventeen with my first show being solo.  Growing up around art, music, and culture creative influences were always around me.  It came to me easily but there is always more to learn.  I hope to become better everyday and continue to expand.  I am inspired by experience, contrast, sexuality, and resilience.  I try to convey, whatever the subject may be, in my work a sense of strength in order to keep a theme of myself paying homage to where I’ve come from and especially where I am going.”


Milan has been showing her work for three years now and has sold over a hundred pieces created in her studio, painted live, and numerous commissioned pieces both private and commercial.   In addition to this success she has been and continues to be attack her art as ever-changing and always learning.  Your support is greatly appreciated.