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Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Froth

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San Francisco's Red Union Hair Salon Pick of the Month -  Privé

Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Forth is the next generation of thoughtful planet technologies. This non-aerosol mousse amplifies your style while leaving your hair soft, shiny and full of bounce.

Features and Benefits:
Enriched with acai and babassu oil.

Clean air technology provides all you want in body and volume without releasing any HFC’s into the atmosphere.

Great for defining curls and reducing frizz.

Color safe formula.

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Privé: Good for the Environment, Good for Your Hair

Thanks to all our Red Union Hair Salon clients who’ve been faithfully helping us test out the new Privé line of products over these past few months. We appreciate your willingness to be guinea pigs! Upon your rave recommendations we’ve decided to carry a custom selection of Privé hair products, and we’re also now using them during all of our services at Red Union Hair Salon in San Francisco.

The hands-down winners so far have been Privé’s Concept Vert Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo & Conditioner. Like all Concept Vert products, this shampoo/conditioner duo has only natural active ingredients, and not a chemical in sight. That means none of the bad stuff: no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, PABA, mineral oil, paraffin, DEA, TEA, or artificial colors. They are completely vegan and never tested on animals.

Rejuvenating Pure Shampoo & Conditioner’s active ingredients do include responsibly sourced, Amazonian certified Organic Acai Berry and Babassu Oil (which act as healing strengtheners and antioxidants). This means that Concept Vert is about protecting and strengthening your hair… and making it look good.

Aside from simply loving the line, we are excited about carrying Privé’s products because of their CAN REUSE program. They have patented a special type of packaging that prevents their containers from getting contaminated during use. Because of this extra attention and care to their packaging, they have been able to pioneer a can return program for participating salons. When you are finished with your Privé products, you can simply drop the cans back off at Red Union Salon and we will return them to Privé, where they will be sanitized and reused.

Privé is a French line and not a lot of salons are yet using it in the States. Red Union Salon is excited to be a part of innovating a new trend in eco-cool hair products. The most important thing? As stylists, we really like using these products, and as our clients, you seem to love them too.

As Privé says: finally, a haircare line that is as good for the environment as it is for your hair.

Oh and by the way, yet another great thing about Privé as a company: they have a project called “Privé Gives Back” that is all about raising funds and awareness for fighting breast cancer and hosting other benefits. Read about it on their web site: