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Featured Artist – Lorraine Lawson

Exploration of mood and atmosphere through texture and color are synonymous with Lorraine’s signature style of Abstract Expressionism.
Fine Artist, Lorraine Lawson, is either found in her quaint little studio/gallery in Downtown Campbell, California or enjoying time with “the other man in her life”, her grandson, Aaron.

Artist’s Statement:

Born in Liege Belgium and inspired by my great-grandfather’s work, I knew from a young age that becoming a fine artist was my destiny. Although my style is clearly my own, Gustave Flasschoen has been the motivator in pursuing the life of an artist and finding my own voice.

“Art has the power to make us see things from a different perspective”

Because my work is so personal, the creative process invites scrutiny of the highest level. The pressure to create to a standard that meets the approval of my peers is a challenge. To create works of substance and quality that rivals the masters before me requires endless self-examination.

“I search for meaning beyond what I see”. My abstract works are studies of seasonal, emotional, and atmospheric change. Texture, color, energy, pure emotion are the inspiration for defining the style in my work.

Exotic papers, sheet music, newspaper, texture mediums, sand, stones, and shells are just a few discoveries in the multiple layers of my abstract work. Culture and lifestyle are themes that invite the viewer to develop a connection to my work, as well.

Because of my love of nature’s beauty and magnificence, I also explore the comfort found in more traditional landscape paintings.

Featured Artist – Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel is born in Paris France in 1973. She is a freelance photographer since 1997. Self-taught, she wins many photography contests (including the Prix Kodak de la critique photographique).
Her photographs have been displayed in many collective exhibitions (France, Belgium, Luxemburg), published in magazines and are widely spread on the Internet. They are part of many private collections in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin or Milan.

She lives in San Francisco and his represented in France by Dominique Charlet (TAIGA Presse Images)

Peintre d’origine lorraine né en 1966. Fabien Hermand-Grisel découvre la peinture sur le tard et en autodidacte. C’est en 1996, après de nombreuses tentatives et recherches, que ses premières toiles voient le jour, sous les styles les plus divers, passant du figuratif au modernisme. En 2006, il choisit d’abandonner pour un temps la couleur et emprunte à son épouse photographe, des sujets en noir et blanc, qu’il choisit de transcrire en peinture. Commence alors un travail sur la lumière, l’ombre et le corps, objet de sa dernière série.