Featured Artist – Shannon Hart

Shannon Hart

A native Californian living in San Francisco, Shannon travels the world inspired by the shapes and interplay of life’s many vibrant colors. From Thailand to Tuscany, Kathmandu to Leningrad, Ireland to Cuba, Prague to Manhattan and time spent in Europe and Central America, Shannon incorporates her travel experiences into her work. Sketching and pen & ink have always been a keen interest for Shannon who started to focus her artistic talents after developing rheumatoid arthritis at a young age. No longer able to perform physical activities or play sports in high school, her grandmother put a paintbrush in her hand. With some informal training and a few private lessons outside the classroom, Shannon transitioned her focus to the richness of oils where she fell in love with the medium, which lets loose her creative impulses. Shannon has experimented with many different styles from vivid expressionism and realist still life to abstract landscapes.

Over the years, Shannon has overcome painful and emotionally-charged experiences such as her father’s death at an early age and surviving 17 surgeries related to her disability. She believes such events influence her work, impact her perspective and add to the vibrancy of her rich life. Her father’s death in the Vietnam War led Shannon to the non-violent teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and the Buddha so she remains a lifelong progressive and well-informed political activist. She has met President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, California First lady Maria Shriver, Senators Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Bob Kerrey and Ted Kennedy among others. Shannon continues to develop a style of rich colors all her own, heavily influenced by the world’s diverse cultures and her own challenging yet deeply rewarding life experiences.