Featured Artist – Vera Costa

Vera Costa

Vera CostaThe artistic interest in Vera Costa’s work is in the organic theme and in concepts of internal/external, body/spirit and relations between human and universal energies.

These organic forms are outside of a body, seeming to float on the space or been seeing through a microscope lens. The circle/oval forms represent concepts as “beginning and end” as opposites, each represent concepts as “beginning and end”. As opposites, each point on the circumference can be both a beginning and an end, infinity and eternal. The red color symbolizing life – force, the energy coursing through the body, the physicality.

Vera was born in southern Brazil, where she graduated and post graduated in art and where she started he artistic career. Art is her passion and since the 90s she has been showing her artwork at numerous solo and group exhibitions. In addition, she worked in association with community projects seeking to raise social conscience and awareness. She works in various media including sculpture/objects and paintings. Her artwork is part of private and public collections in Brazil, Chile, and in the USA.

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