Featured Artist – Jean Cherie

Jean CherieJean Cherie is enthusiastically jumping into the Art community of San Francisco! Since moving here from Southern California a year and a half ago she has completed several commissions. One is a four foot statue of “Our Lady of the Holy Eucharist”, which is presently at the Catholic Basilica in Washington, DC, on it’s way to a Basilica in Africa. Another commission, a two foot tall “bronze” statue of a horse and rider was a central prop for a production of Chekhov comedies by Expression Theatre Ensemble.

Jean has also participated in local Art Shows including “Human Form” at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, and, “A Tribute to the Artist Model” at Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, all the while converting a dark, drafty motorcycle garage into a bright, cheery work and display room for her multi-media creativity.

This multi-talented sculptor spent thirty years creating special effects and props for movies such as “What Women Want” and “The Flintstones Movie”… TV shows like “Home Improvement”, “Dinosaurs”, and “H.R. Puff n’ Stuff”… and for Rippley’s Believe -it-or-not a portrait of a “hottie” in Chocolate… animatronics for Disneyland, and the Six Flags Amusment Parks, many commercial and private commissions from tiny design macquettes to 20 foot tall public art.

Her portraits include Alan Alda (in Bronze) for the Television Academy of Arts and Science, Whoopi Goldberg’s face on a ceramic mug for her talk show, Patty Duke as a bronze angel in a Hallmark Hall of Fame special, “A Season for Miracles”, and, Bette Midler turning into stone in “Hocus Pocus”.

Her Fine Art work in alabaster, bronze, ceramic, cast paper and wax candles is described as sensual and spiritual, personal and universal, deep and humorous, often all at the same time!

“It is my belief that Art can lift our hearts, remind us we are beautiful Souls, and, just plain make us feel good.”

To veiw Jean Cherie’s Art go to her website at: