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Featured San Francisco Artist Kelly Farr de Flores

Kelly Farr de Flores, Photographer, San Francisco, Artist, Photography, Florida, California, Hair Salon

Kelly Farr de Flores grew up on the West coast of Florida with an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Her passion for photography began at the age of seventeen, when her grandfather gifted his photography equipment to her. This began her journey into outdoor photography.

Kelly studied black & white photography for five years in college, working with different types of film and exploring various methods of photo processing in the dark room. She was featured in the 2004 edition of Photographer’s Forum, “Best of College Photography”.

Her heart led her to Southern California in 2006 to spread the gift of teaching yoga. While in Southern California she continued her photographic work and started selling her photographs at art fairs.

She has been creating her artwork digitally for the past five years Canvas tends to be her medium of choice as her work often has a painting-like quality. The awareness that she gains through her yoga practice reflects in her natural eye for photography by always being “awake.” She is able to communicate beautifully what she sees through the eye of the camera.

After extensive travel abroad with her husband, they relocated to Sausalito, California in February 2010 where they currently reside.

Her photography exhibition theme is “Reflection & Shining Light”. The mesmerizing “Shining Light” photographs focus on sunrays and the glow of energy shining through trees. The water lily series creates stillness in motion, while capturing reflections shining upon the water.

“We can be mirrors to all. Take time to look within and around. Light a candle where there is darkness. Spread love and peaceful energy to everyone and everything.”

Featured Artist – Tiffany Birch

Tiffany Birch

I am an Abstract Expressionist. Born in Jacksonville, Florida. My fondest memories as a child growing up in La Rochelle, France were the vibrant golden yellows of the mustard fields. My father was in the military and after his tour we returned to the United States residing in Maryland. I have always been mesmerized by color and movement.

When I started to explore art through the Art League in Olde Town Alexandria, Virginia, I painted 60 paintings in 45 days and shortly thereafter received representation through Marin-Price Galleries in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I moved to the west coast in 2002 and also began to teach children to paint in my style of “I want you to paint what an ice cream cone tastes like”. My west coast opening Art of the Art was held outside of an art gallery in a residence located in Atherton, California, with 36 paintings in a garden setting that had been feng shui by a grand trine master, Linda Lenore of Green Chi Designs.

One of the Lucile Packard children I had previous taught, created a painting for me of a huge heart in the middle of the painting; and that very message was the reason I named my opening Art of the Heart for all art must come from the heart.