San Francisco Featured Artist: Jennifer Ewing

Featured Artist Jennifer Ewing at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Artist Statement:
My themes of passage, transformation, movement in time and space are still with me and as vital to my work as they were when I began this series in 2005. For me, the boat has a dual purpose, It is the vehicle that keeps me safe as I journey but also offers an invitation for the viewer go on their own journey.

The work began as a tribute to my father’s memory. A powerful, motivating force came into my art that gave me a chance to go beyond myself into a bigger place to create from.

Today it is an exploration of each person’s ultimate journey- and the stages they pass through as they ride in the boats. The passengers stop to breath along the way and their breath contributes to the luminosity that I treasure. Along the way, the invisible passenger voyages near to the moon, planets and is guided by universal light through color fields.

Working and experimenting with various media in painting gives me a chance to layer materials and messages about spacial relationships; the boat to water, to the universe, or to the light. I love to draw on top of the paintings because the mark making gives rhythm and movement in addition to the color.

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