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Featured Artist – John Benko

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH. I started painting and drawing at a very young age. Went to art school at Kent State University for a BA in Drawing. I ran my own Graphics and Screen Printing business in Cleveland for 7 years. I moved to San Francisco in January 09 to pursue my career as a fine artist. All of my work is inspired by and dedicated to my 2 children.

Artist Statement:
“My paintings and drawings evolve from automatic applications of color into very cognitive pieces of work. The lines begin to take shape; the shapes begin to take form, sometimes living between the worlds of abstract and surreal. I like to think that I paint how ‘nature’ would paint itself…with the freedom to evolve and the ability to evolve effectively.”

The title I have given to my exhibit is “Resurgence”

John Benko

Spring is in the Hair – Salon Party in San Francisco

Mark your calendar for the Red Union Hair Salon Spring Party on Saturday, April 18, 7pm to 9pm!

Red Union Salon
1996 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 567-5656

San Francisco local artist, John Benko will be showing his Resurgence exhibit, plus there will be plenty of free beer, wine, snacks, and good music to start your evening on the town.

Be sure to check out John Benko’s online gallery.

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