Features Artist – Jono Goodman

Red Union Salon Artist - Jono GoodmanSince his time at San Francisco Art Institute, Jono has started a new direction in his work by exploring natural disasters. Being a gulf coast native, he is specifically concentrating on hurricanes. There lies a poetic beauty in the monumental scale of destruction created by earth’s disasters.

Whether its corrosion, decay, or destruction, disasters can create fascinating visual compositions that humans can’t reproduce. It is through this exploration that Jono generates ideas and uses them to reshape his art. Jono’s intent through this research is to discover new aesthetic possibilities while continuing to challenge his current imagery and direction of work.

Jono integrates collaging, photography and printmaking, however Lithography is the medium that provides him with complete confidence and freedom in his artwork. The use of layer arrangement, technique exploration, and constant reformatting allows him to engage in a project while assisting him in creating a finalized image. These essentials along with other conventional elements are the leading vehicle for translating his inner vision and relating it to the viewer.

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana Jono was turned onto art at an early age. He further pursued his passion for art at Louisiana State University where he was introduced to printmaking and immediately fell in love with the medium. After receiving his BFA in 2005, Jono was granted a one year residency at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography in Albuquerque, NM where he earned a professional printer certificate in 2007. Jono Goodman is currently working towards his MFA at SFAI and is anticipating a 2010 graduation.