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Featured Artist – Romy Mariano

Romy Mariano

As an artist, I have always used my work as a vehicle to express how and what I feel. The sources that I draw inspiration from cover a spectrum of subjects, typically my work, however abstract in its final form, is originally inspired by a source text, whether literary, visual, or cultural in nature. Although I am a painter, I see my work as not being limited by the tradition of the medium and have currently begun to explore and experiment with many different albeit unconventional materials. My latest body of work has been inspired by the notion of the medieval practice of Imaginative Pilgrimages. It was the habit of medieval monks, who often transcribed and copied literary works and maps, to imagine that they themselves were seeing and experiencing these far away lands and events. Often, these monks would mark in the margins their spiritual pilgrimage and actually draw places and cities though they had never left the room. Using this idea as my foundation, I was intrigued by the idea of evoking the feeling that cities, countries, and even history can conjure up. I began to work with the maps of old cities and countries, trying to bring to the surface of the work what I imagine it would feel like to have traveled there. I wanted to take in my “imagined” surroundings through all of my senses and recreate the resonant feeling with color, structure, and material.

About the Artist: Romy Mariano is originally from San Diego CA. She graduated from Lafayette College in 2005 where she majored in Art and English and received honors for her painting thesis. Romy has had several successful solo and group shows and has exhibited both in the United States and Italy. As of the fall of 2008, Romy has been pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at the San Francisco Art institute where she plans to graduate in the spring of 2010.

Featured Artist – Chelsea Croy

Artist Chelsea Croy at Red Union Hair Salon - San FranciscoThe figure has always captivated me. It compels us and we identify with it. We see arms, legs, and head and imagine blood, bones, heart, emotions and intellect. The human body is a symbol of contrasts. It is our nature to be strong, yet delicate, fallible yet sublime, solid yet susceptible. These are qualities I keep in mind whenever beginning a new work.

My images are bold, passionate and often monumental in scale. They are a celebration of our individual uniqueness, resilience and power.

Chelsea Croy has always lived in the bay area and is currently living and working in Sausalito. Her mother was an artist and started her off early in that direction. Chelsea began her education in art at the College of Marin, then continuing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. In 2003 and 2004 she was chosen to show at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival. Chelsea Croy has been selected to show at the Artisan Gallery, and at the gallery at the College of Marin, Her work is collected throughout the country.

Contact the Artist:
589 Bridgeway #4
Sausalito, CA 94965

Featured Artist – Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald

My paintings, inspired by cartoons and dream logic, deal with issues of aggression and anxiety, which are especially relevant given the recent economic and political climate. I feel we live in a society where aggression has become not only socially acceptable, but also a necessary trait for survival. Contemporary, capitalist, urban America has pushed competition – for jobs, housing, sex, $, parking spaces – into an intense daily struggle. It is survival of the fittest, where you are either the hunter (full of aggression) or the hunted (full of anxiety). Quite often we are filled with both, which is what these paintings explore. At the same time, a rather dry and dark humor underscores the mood of my paintings and pokes fun at the absurdity of modern life.

Music is a tremendous influence on my work as a painter. I am fascinated with the spatial, temporal, and structural components of music. I work with dense layering of paint and collage to create a network of intertwining patterns, stories, and colors which suggests movement, history, and rhythm. As structural and spatial patterns emerge, this dense layering of paint and collage is woven together into a unified composition. I see many parallels between the structural rhythm of music and that of life. My paintings are an attempt to understand and to capture the movement, the structure, the patterns, the rhythm, the history, and the interconnectedness of life.

To veiw Brian McDonald’s Art go to his website at:

Featured Artist – Erin Carney

Erin Carney Autumn Hues

Erin Carney lives and works in San Francisco. She grew up in Southern California but opted to move north to attend college at the University of California, Davis. While at UC Davis, she studied studio painting and art history with Wayne Thiebaud and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design in 1987. Having been greatly inspired by Thiebaud’s use of color and texture, Erin began an exploration into the world of abstract oil painting.

Her work is influenced by a variety of subjects ranging from the nuance of reflection found in metal sculpture to the formation of fog moving into the city at night. Her current work encompasses the build up of layers of soft transparent paint alongside the bold use of a richer, more opaque palette. She favors contrast, but uses it in a manner that can both soothe and stimulate the viewer.

In addition to her passion as an artist, Erin works in lighting design, a career she has followed for the past 20 years. Combining the worlds of art and design provide her with constant inspiration.

See more works and contact the artist at:

Featured Artist – Vera Costa

Vera Costa

Vera CostaThe artistic interest in Vera Costa’s work is in the organic theme and in concepts of internal/external, body/spirit and relations between human and universal energies.

These organic forms are outside of a body, seeming to float on the space or been seeing through a microscope lens. The circle/oval forms represent concepts as “beginning and end” as opposites, each represent concepts as “beginning and end”. As opposites, each point on the circumference can be both a beginning and an end, infinity and eternal. The red color symbolizing life – force, the energy coursing through the body, the physicality.

Vera was born in southern Brazil, where she graduated and post graduated in art and where she started he artistic career. Art is her passion and since the 90s she has been showing her artwork at numerous solo and group exhibitions. In addition, she worked in association with community projects seeking to raise social conscience and awareness. She works in various media including sculpture/objects and paintings. Her artwork is part of private and public collections in Brazil, Chile, and in the USA.

To veiw Vera Costa’s Art go to her website at:

Featured Artist – Young Mi Chi

Young Mi ChiMy mother introduced to me art when I was five years old. Since that time I have pursued my passion for painting.

A series of my mixed media painting and collage entitled Love Letters. This series of my artwork profiled on April and July of 2002 and 2004 on Chronicle Newspaper in San Francisco and published by Bentley House in Worldwide.

Over the past 10 years I have developed a series of mixed media works with the theme of love letters. I want these to represent not only romantic love letters but letters between people’s friendship. I believe a love letter could be work of art. I enjoy and appreciate their personal choices of envelope with hand writing. It makes me feel so warm and beloved. I try to paint all these nice feelings and memories into my artwork.

I carefully choose a shape of canvas and colors. The canvas shape represents envelope of love letter which is rectangular and use a rich palette and sophisticates color. I often use Chinese characters of happiness, love, beautiful, grace, peace and harmony on my art works. I believe these words are universal.

I received my BFA in Painting and my MFA in Illustration from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Recently, I started my Ph. D in Asian Art History at the U.C. Berkeley. I work as a freelance designer and painter.

I contributed San Francisco general hospital foundation, Hearts Project 2004. I also designed a new San Francisco Asian Art Museum opening event banners of year 2003, 22,000 square feet which wrapped and inaugural unveiled of the building.

I have exhibited my mixed media paintings and collages in China, Seoul Korea, Paris, Los Angeles, Danver, Boulder, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle

Work displayed : Love Letter

Feel free to email me at:

Featured Artist – Janelle Randall

Janelle RandallJanelle Randall grew up drawing and painting in Bremerton, Washington, surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Recognizing that painting is an ongoing source of joy in her life, she decided to pursue her passion more formally by enrolling in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Janelle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005, with a focus on painting the figure.

Since then, Janelle has had numerous solo and group shows and commissions. She also gives drawing and painting lessons and paints at local events.

Artist Statement:
Each of my works carries a visual flow that is meant to be inviting and thought-provoking, with nature being a primary inspiration. Lively and bright, my artwork often reflects a colorful garden of plants. All pieces contain life, and hold a moment of it to last.

Paintings By Janelle Randall

Work Displayed : Celeste