Featured Artist – Michael Addario

Michael Addario Michael Addario has always been interested in photography. It must be in his genes because his Grandfather was a photographer in Philadelphia in the 1930s and would take photographs of families having picnics in the parks. In those days cameras were the size and look of an accordion and the film was silver emulsion painted on glass plates.

Michael went to school in Philadelphia for photography. Later he assisted his former teachers when they had commercial photo shoots. He moved to the California in 1987 to further his career. Michael worked as an assistant for the Macys catalog photography studio and then with leading photographers in the Silicon Valley area. Michaels image of lightning striking the ocean was chosen by National Geographic twice to illustrate their article on natural disasters.

Numerous people have asked as to where I shot the lightning image, and as to how I was able to capture it. I along with a group of friends had rented a beach house for a weekend in Beach Haven, New Jersey. I brought my camera and tripod along to photograph them while we were there. At dusk, a lighting storm was approaching and from the deck we could view the lightning strikes hitting the ocean on the horizon. I decided to try and capture it. With my camera on a tripod and with an educated guess on the setting of the aperture, I opened the shutter. Not aware that as I was busy setting up the equipment the storm was moving towards me. No sooner had I opened the shutter and it happened. It was the largest flash that I have ever seen and much closer than I expected. It scared the hell out of me and I decided it was in my best interest to find suitable shelter ASAP.

Back then I was shooting Kodachrome and would send the film off to Kodak for developing. Much different than today, it took over a week to be developed and returned before I was aware that I captured the image. I consider this my Lucky Shot because I am lucky to be alive after being as foolish as to stand in an unpredictable lighting storm holding on to a metal tripod.

Most of my photography is planned, others not so. I like my photography to take the viewer into the image, to let them feel the wind, smell the air, hear the sounds and the warmth of the sun as it falls on your body: To feel as if you are there.

I am exclusively a film photographer. I love shooting transparency (slide) film and receiving something tangible in my hand. My prints are Giclee (g-clay) prints which I myself print, and in the case of the canvases, also mount myself. Giclee prints are environmentally friendly, long lasting and the canvas prints do not need to be framed.

Display Permanence Ratings are:
a.) 85 years for my glossy prints under glass
b.) 100 years for my canvas prints with the Eco Print Shield Coating (as displayed)
For more info on permanence ratings go to: www.wilhelm-research.com

Without light there is no image, and without an image, there is no life.

Michael Addario Photography
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Work Displayed : Lightning, Golden Gate Bridge