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Halloween Severed Head Contest Winners

Marie Antoinette Severed HeadRed Union Salon had its “First Annual Halloween Severed Head Contest.” Can I just say what an amazing contest it was! The participation, creativity
and enthusiasm where parallel to none. Four of San Francisco’s best Beauty
Schools battling it out for supremacy. A bit like “Project Runway” . We
call it “Project Headway”. Meaning on heads only showcasing “Amazing Hair
and Make-up”. There where a total of 26 heads and an installation of “Wizard
of Oz” that was off the hook.

First Prize was swept away by two thirds of the votes. “Marie Antoinette”
who was actually be-headed in real life. A very fitting candidate for a
severed head contest. She was done by Loren Laughlin from Miss Marty’s
School of Beauty. Loren received a 200.00 Dollar cash prize.

Severed Head: Beauty School Drop OutSecond Prize was taken by Kate Dewald who entered “Beauty School Drop-out”. We all know and remember “Grease”. This girl is an amazing talent and will not go back to High School! Kate received a 100.00 dollar cash prize.

Third Prize went to Tim Hutton who did Abandon a very majestic biblical figure. Tim, a very talented stylists who knows his worth was the only one to price his exhibition like a true artist.

Some other serious contenders where “Medusa” done by Pasha Smith came in 4th by only 2 votes with Zenzie’s School of Beauty who swept up 2nd, 3rd and 4th. “Siamese Twins” by Emmazing with San Francisco Institute of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. “A Tribute to Madonna” for all you Madonna/Fetish fans.
Abandon Severed Head
Fun was had by all and certainly got everyone into the Halloween Spirit. Perhaps we’ll extent the contest to all “Hair Salons” in the Bay Area next year!

San Francisco: Halloween Contest and Art Show!

San Francisco – Halloween 2008
Red Union Salon invited some of San Francisco’s best beauty schools to create “Amazing Hair and Make-up” on one of their Mannequin/Severed Heads. We could call this contest “Project Headway”. Sort of like “Project Runway”, except a bit more “ghoulish” and on heads only. We are turning Red Union Salon into “Halloween/Hair Heaven” the Show starting October 15th 10AM.

Come and Vote:
Voting will close on October 30th 8:00 PM. Winners will be announced on Halloween!
Who is eligible to vote? Our clients, the public & San Francisco Hair Salons.

1st Prize 200.00
2nd Prize 100.00
3rd Prize 50.00

Participating Schools:
San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology
Cinta Aveda Institute
Miss Marty’s School of Beauty