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Now Hiring – Hairstylists, Hairdressers, Barbers, Hair Colorists

Red Union Hair Salon is seeking talented stylists for an awesome upscale Union Street location.

We are offering an introductory offer for Chair Rental! 50 % off your rent for your first two months:))

Please be skilled, motivated, reliable and a team player:)

The ideal stylist has at least two years of experience, some clientele and is a motivated self starter.

We provide you with:

–24/7 booking & reception service
–24/7 on line booking
–towel service
–back bar (Prive, Redken, Pureology … Etc.)
–beverages for your clients. . .

At this time we retail Prive, Redken, Pureology, Kevin Murphy ….
We are open to bringing in other retail lines or you may sell your preferred retail line.

Your work station is very large with lots of natural sun light great for color.
Station rental preferred. Commission for motivated stylist.
We are located on the second floor overlooking Union Street.

We have lots of walk-ins and call-ins
Full time or part time positions available.

We are a very fun, family environment! :). We love to learn from each other and collaborate.
We joke, play great music and are passionate about doing “amazing hair for our clients”.

Please call Erika (415) 567-5656 for preliminary phone interview and send resume if you have one:)

Featured San Francisco Artist Dana Draper

Featured Artist Dana Draper at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Dana Draper has been strongly influenced by his family who were involved in the arts. Harry Guggenheim, director of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum for 20 years, encouraged Draper to appreciate the arts by his volunteering in the museum library and in the art restoration conservatory.

Peggy Guggenheim opened her doors to her 20th century art filled home in Venice, Italy to the young Draper. With this exposure, Draper later entered the Art Student League and obtained a masters in fine arts from NYU.

Draper’s grandmother, Dorothy Draper, internationally recognized interior designer, who decorated the San Francisco Fairmont and Mark Hopkins Hotels, played a dominate roll in young Draper’s education. She was “The Designer” of the fifties and she taught him a keen sense of color and scale.

Currently: Again, Draper is working with copper, he has made the full circle from his early days in Chile. Draper employs a unique form of copper painting. He applies water based acids, and oxides directly on copper. Acids such as rice vinegar, lemon juice, and rock salt as well as special recipes are used to obtain exciting color patina interactions on the copper. Large sheets of copper that Draper has artfully crafted are transformed into unique art doors, interior dividers, wall panels, and site commissioned projects.

Draper is primarily a figurative artist focusing on the qualities of motion and light. Why nudes? “The undraped figures are devoid of politics, pretensions, and material possessions. Therefore, expression, feeling, motion, color, and relationship come into play as the primary visual and emotional factors.”

Featured Artist: Greg Wilkie

Featured Artist Greg Wilkie at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA About the Artist:
Greg Wilkie was born in Albany, NY in 1948. He spent a great deal of his youth in self-isolation, working on his drawings and water-color paintings or practicing magic. He studied mechanical drawing and art all through school and was frequently advanced to the next level. Looking back, he realized he missed out on some basic techniques since his works gave the appearance of a trained artist. Thus he worked harder outside of class to catch up. His mother recognized his talent early on and encouraged him to become a commercial artist. He could not envision such a career since there were many times he just didn’t feel like painting! And, he liked to create his own work, not what someone else told him to produce.
His mother entered many of his works in the County Fairs where he frequently received first place awards.
Unfortunately, his early works and awards were destroyed when his parents home burned to the ground. For years afterwards he shied away from painting and focused instead on the art of magic.
Reality of Life
Mr. Wilkie enlisted in the Navy at 17 and served two tours of duty in Vietnam where the idyllic life of youth suddenly evaporated. It was during that time that he became aware of the fleeting nature of life. When he returned to civilian life, nothing was the same. His older brother died suddenly in 1972 followed by his father in 1975. The compound trauma sent him into the throes of depression. He spent two decades searching for purpose in his life. While on his quest, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice, a Masters in Public Administration, worked as a laborer, ambulance driver, police officer, window washer, long-haul truck driver, a BART train operator and magician. None of these activities fulfilled his soul.
Rebirth of the Painter
Mr. Wilkie regained his passion for painting while watching water-color artists in Thailand while he and his family were touring Southeast Asia performing magic. He was intrigued by the simplicity of the palm tree and ocean scenes and the artists’ ability to produce them quickly and with ease. Nothing ever came that easily to him.
He immediately got to work, sitting for hours on the floor, with brushes, paints and paper. So ended his magic interlude and the four year tour of Southeast Asia. He and his family returned to United States and made their home in California.
Finding Acrylics
Mr. Wilkie discovered acrylic paints and realized he had found his medium of choice. He could blend the techniques of both water-color and oil painting. He has painted on a variety of supports including glass, wood, canvas, paper and most recently mat board. He is on a quest to find durable supports that will last long into the future…
Mr. Wilkie is ever-concerned about preserving his works. His goal is to leave pieces of himself behind so that his descendants will be able to see the life he lived through his eyes. For him, there is only the reality of what was and what is in the moment. In his view, life is real—and that’s the way he paints it.

Reading up on Campania & Italy

Cooking with Amy is one of my favorite food blogs. Amy has a great post on reading up on Campania & Italy, which made me hungry for some pasta at Pasta Pomodoro.

Amy Sherman is a really interesting woman, and we would love to do something with her hair if she gave us a chance.

Redken product review on BellaOnline

Lynne Chapman has a good review on BellaOnline of the Redken products we feature at Red Union Salon.

Her bottom line, “These items are very effective and useful for creating the styles for which they are designed“, is really important. All of our stylists at Red Union Salon receive extensive training from our vendors and have many years of experience using products, like those from Redken, for achieving optimum results for our customers.