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San Francisco Featured Artist: Elena Achilli

Featured Artist Elena Achilli at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Elena Achilli – Artist Statement:
“Painting for me is a love affair: I am profoundly passionate about it, it grips my heart tightly and I yearn for it when I am away. I am both a dreamer and a believer. I work very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which I allow the image to evolve and unravel. My practice demands that I am courageous and openhearted and it always involves risk. It is also an eternal search for truth. I feel things with a burning intensity and my canvas provides a haven for these huge emotions.

I am fascinated by chaos and order fragility and strength, existing simultaneously and the easy harmony that occurs in the natural world between these two forces. My canvas becomes a visual response to these elemental energies and polarities discovered within the environment and myself.

My work is a celebration of the colours and ultimate contrast, no gradients and embraces all that is mistery: the ambiguity is as relevant as the seen in the finished piece.”

Visit Elena Achilli’s website at:

San Francisco Featured Artist: Jennifer Ewing

Featured Artist Jennifer Ewing at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Artist Statement:
My themes of passage, transformation, movement in time and space are still with me and as vital to my work as they were when I began this series in 2005. For me, the boat has a dual purpose, It is the vehicle that keeps me safe as I journey but also offers an invitation for the viewer go on their own journey.

The work began as a tribute to my father’s memory. A powerful, motivating force came into my art that gave me a chance to go beyond myself into a bigger place to create from.

Today it is an exploration of each person’s ultimate journey- and the stages they pass through as they ride in the boats. The passengers stop to breath along the way and their breath contributes to the luminosity that I treasure. Along the way, the invisible passenger voyages near to the moon, planets and is guided by universal light through color fields.

Working and experimenting with various media in painting gives me a chance to layer materials and messages about spacial relationships; the boat to water, to the universe, or to the light. I love to draw on top of the paintings because the mark making gives rhythm and movement in addition to the color.

Visit Jennifer Ewing’s website at:

Featured San Francisco Artist: J.D. Lenzen

Featured Artist J.D. Lenzen at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CABorn in 1972, J.D. Lenzen grew up in and around the Bay Area—the bubble he calls home. He spent his mid-twenties living and working in the redwoods of the San Mateo Mountains, and his late-twenties exploring, playing and stumbling within the various underground scenes of San Francisco. His paintings explore the dance between image and identity; questioning popular social archetypes through the use of genderless characters he calls “Moles”.

In his own words:  “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated the human condition, the exploration of self and identity in the context of society and the societal roles we embrace. I seek to illustrate, and ultimately process, the multitude of feelings we have about ourselves, others and the homeostatic neuroses that pave our common ground.”

In addition to his paintings, JD is also an accomplished knot tyer and novelist.

His YouTube channel “Tying it All Together“, has over 23,000 followers.  His book “Decorative Fusion Knots” is available for purchase on

JD has published two novels, “Soft Candy” and “Disturbingly Normal“. Both are available for purchase on