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Mother’s Day Party

We are having a party in Sausalito in honor of Mom for Mother’s Day. May is mom’s month. Please join us (details below) 💝

Featured San Francisco Artist: Ingrid Butler

Featured Artist Ingrid Butler at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CAIngrid Butler, a Sausalito Bay Area artist, has been active in the art community for thirty years. Moth Marblers is her business were she designs one of a kind marbled and decorative papers for book binders, collage artists, card designers, jewelry makers, and any one that needs traditional or modern papers for their project.

Ingrid is multifaceted, She not only decorates paper but also uses her papers in 3D installations which pop off the wall or hang from the ceiling. Butler also uses her papers in mixed media collages.

Recently, she has begun making art books with her paper samples from the past twenty-five years. Houghton Library at Harvard University has just acquired several sheets of her paper as well as one of her books, Twenty-five Years of Marbled and Decorative Papers.

Butler is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She has dedicated her life to bringing beauty and good design into the world.

Featured San Francisco Artist Dana Draper

Featured Artist Dana Draper at Red Union Hair Salon and Art Gallery San Francisco, CA

Dana Draper has been strongly influenced by his family who were involved in the arts. Harry Guggenheim, director of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum for 20 years, encouraged Draper to appreciate the arts by his volunteering in the museum library and in the art restoration conservatory.

Peggy Guggenheim opened her doors to her 20th century art filled home in Venice, Italy to the young Draper. With this exposure, Draper later entered the Art Student League and obtained a masters in fine arts from NYU.

Draper’s grandmother, Dorothy Draper, internationally recognized interior designer, who decorated the San Francisco Fairmont and Mark Hopkins Hotels, played a dominate roll in young Draper’s education. She was “The Designer” of the fifties and she taught him a keen sense of color and scale.

Currently: Again, Draper is working with copper, he has made the full circle from his early days in Chile. Draper employs a unique form of copper painting. He applies water based acids, and oxides directly on copper. Acids such as rice vinegar, lemon juice, and rock salt as well as special recipes are used to obtain exciting color patina interactions on the copper. Large sheets of copper that Draper has artfully crafted are transformed into unique art doors, interior dividers, wall panels, and site commissioned projects.

Draper is primarily a figurative artist focusing on the qualities of motion and light. Why nudes? “The undraped figures are devoid of politics, pretensions, and material possessions. Therefore, expression, feeling, motion, color, and relationship come into play as the primary visual and emotional factors.”

Featured Artist – Chelsea Croy

Artist Chelsea Croy at Red Union Hair Salon - San FranciscoThe figure has always captivated me. It compels us and we identify with it. We see arms, legs, and head and imagine blood, bones, heart, emotions and intellect. The human body is a symbol of contrasts. It is our nature to be strong, yet delicate, fallible yet sublime, solid yet susceptible. These are qualities I keep in mind whenever beginning a new work.

My images are bold, passionate and often monumental in scale. They are a celebration of our individual uniqueness, resilience and power.

Chelsea Croy has always lived in the bay area and is currently living and working in Sausalito. Her mother was an artist and started her off early in that direction. Chelsea began her education in art at the College of Marin, then continuing at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. In 2003 and 2004 she was chosen to show at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival. Chelsea Croy has been selected to show at the Artisan Gallery, and at the gallery at the College of Marin, Her work is collected throughout the country.

Contact the Artist:
589 Bridgeway #4
Sausalito, CA 94965