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Red Union Salon “the make-over specialists” would like to offer you a full Make-over by hiring the best San Francisco has to offer.

Let Erika Redding, our expert colorist and hair designer create a unique look just for you. It starts with her consultation. She will asses your daily hair routine, your hair texture, and your individual coloring (skin color and eye color) to create the perfect hair color and haircut. She will even show you how to style your new haircut so you can reproduce your new look every day.

Then let Christina Choi, our national acclaimed makeup artist finish your look. She is known
for her clean and modern make up artistry.
Her attention to detail can always be seen in her work. She has created Christina Choi Cosmetics and she will teach you your new make up look and you can even take her products home to recreated your new look if you desire.

Interested in Bangs?

Bangs can instantly transform your face and make any haircut look much different. That doesn’t change the fact that chopping off that much hair can be scary! If you are thinking of getting bangs, check with your stylist to guide you in finding the right style and maintaining the best match for you.

When considering bangs, consider your hair texture too. Curls and bangs don’t always pair well, but they aren’t impossible. Talk to your stylist about blending in the bangs to the rest of your cut. Don’t cut bangs when hair is wet, especially if your hair has curl or wave in it. (This is for those of you who insist on trimming your own bangs!)

Consider the upkeep. Bangs take regular trims. Ask your stylist if they offer free bang trims (many do, it’s easier than fixing a bad home trim.)

Not ready for the thick bangs? Try side-swept bangs paired with long layers. Layering hair with bangs works the best. One of the secrets to a great side-swept bang is that it blends in well with the rest of your hair. Side-swept bangs grow out beautifully.

Dry bangs first before drying the rest of your hair. Your bangs are shorter so they dry faster. Once you get the perfect cut, you need to make sure you properly know how to blow dry your bangs. Many women use a round brush and that can create “bubble bangs,” a bang syndrome that could be avoided by using a flat or paddle brush while blow drying. Ask your stylist for tips.

Bangs suit every face shape. They also suit every hair length. They work with pixie cuts, short hair, shoulder-length, bobs and even long hair.

Contrary to some opinions, bangs won’t go out of style. They may change style, but on some people bangs perfect their style.

If you aren’t growing out bangs but just want a change in your look, ask your stylist to cut long bangs at an angle. Blow dry them. Brush bangs forward and blow dry them as if they were blunt bangs. Brush them from side to side as you blow dry. Once dried, spritz hairspray on your fingers, and then comb your fingertips through your bangs to maintain a feathery effect. Unlike blunt bangs, side-swept bangs don’t need to be trimmed as often.

Bangs are the perfect choice if you want to change your look but don’t want to take off dramatic length. If you don’t like them, they will grow out. If you suffer from a fear of getting bangs, you can fix that by scheduling a consultation with your stylist and starting with side-swept bangs which grows out more quickly and more beautifully than blunt bangs.

Stylist’s Product Pick of The Month: Privé Foaming Styler Mousse

Instant Next Day Hair. Express your rock ‘n roll or surfer style.Receive 50% off our Stylist’s Pick of the Month.

Privé Foaming Styler Mousse provides texture, body and style memory in a unique styling mousse. Shake well: work a small amount through damp for dry hair and style. To refresh any look run wet hands through your hair and restyle. Be sure to check out the other products we carry at Red Union Hair Salon in San Francisco.
San Francisco's Red Union Hair Salon Pick of the Month -  Privé

Should You Dye Your Hair Gray?

Gray Hair - Should you dye your gray hair - Haircut - Hair Salon - San Francisco, CAMany women who have been dying their hair for years wonder if the battle is worth it. Some clients even wonder if they are already completely gray, but because they have been dying their hair for so long, they have no idea what their real hair color looks like.

Usually by this time, women are getting their roots touched up every 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. Their question is whether or not we can simply dye your hair gray and be done with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as all that. The simple answer is, no. You cannot dye your hair gray. Gray hair is due to loss of pigment in your hair.

Hair that has lost pigment is technically translucent hair, meaning it has no color in the shaft. That is why as your hair continues to gray, it goes from looking somewhat silver (due to the fact that you still have a number of hairs that have pigment in them) to white, which is when all shafts of hair have lost pigment.

For those of you who may want to consider “going gray” naturally, you could consider slowly lightening your hair to a pale blonde color. This way you could go a little bit longer between colorings, and gradually grow into your new hair color.

What you’re trying to do is to transition from the permanent tint that has been applied to your hair so far, and using a temporary or semi-permanent formulation to continue covering the gray as the original permanent color grows out.

Temporary color washes out after a single shampoo. The nice thing about the semi-permanent color is that it only adheres to the outside of the shaft of hair with a little bit of the dye penetrating the hair shaft and then washes out after a certain number of shampoos. This technique works best for women who have adopted a shorter hair style. This will give you more time between applications.

Most women will either gently adapt to their natural gray color in this way, or they will decide that they would prefer to continue to show a younger look to the world, and return to coloring their hair. Most women find that going a little bit lighter matches the look of their skin complexion better. As we age, we do need to adjust the colors we wear in our make-up, our clothing, and our hair.