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Red Union Hair Salon’s Best Picks for Summer Hair in San Francisco 2010

Yesterday, I wore a sundress, sandals and a sunhat to keep the heat and sun off my face and body. Today, it is thigh-high boots, sweater, hat, scarf and a wool coat—wishing I had brought my gloves, and no sun in sight. You’re probably thinking that I must be traveling the globe. Oh no! This is just summer in San Francisco.

Every year I write a blog post about our unique summers here. For many folks, hair is a real problem! Red Union Salon likes to carry and keep abreast of the best hair products. Privé is how we deal with freezing high winds and rolling fog in the San Francisco summer.

Privé just launched a brand new product called Concept Vert Volumizing Froth, perfect for fine hair. It is a revolutionary non-aerosol mouse that provides incredible body, volume and definition, leaving your hair soft shiny and full of body. Go ahead blow in the volume!

For ultimate curls, mix 3 parts Leave-In Treatment to one part Shine Serum and apply on the shaft and ends. Layer hair with Foaming Styler and Curl Activating Cream from scalp to ends. Either blow dry with diffuser or dry naturally, scrunching it to create soft, defined curls.

When it comes to great curls I say product, product, product!

Edgy texture for short styles is best achieved by mixing a pea-sized amount of Extended Texture Clay with a quarter-sized amount of Foaming Styler, then apply to short hair. Style as desired. For amazing shine spray Flash Brilliance lightly to the finished style.

So here you have it! Call us if you’d like to make an appointment to come in and have your hair styled with these amazing new products. We’ll show you how it’s done in person.

Happy styling!

Summer Hair in San Francisco

As I was doing my research on summer hair it occurred to me, that  summer hair  in San Francisco is a  whole different story than anywhere else.  As Mark Twain said “The  coldest winter  I ever  spent  was the summer in San Francisco”. That being said, whether you are a newbie in our fair city or  have been  here  for a  while  you are going to need some San Francisco Summer  Hair tips.

First of all, you will notice that it is not unusual for you to want to put on a  heavy coat,  a scarf  and even some boots  for our summer.   It can  be very foggy and windy, hence “styling products” are  the key. 

To start you will need  a “blow drying aid” to keep the frizz away!  One of “Carmen Electra’s” and my favorites are  “Phytodefrisant”. It smoothes and moisturizes while keeping  your hair from getting frizzy. Followed by “Phytolisse” a finishing serum for lots of shine. Voila you look like  a movie star!

If you have curly hair like me you may love this  weather.  A moisture absorbent towels from “Bed Bath and Beyond is a must”.  Blot your hair by gently scrunching it when you get out  of the shower. Then using “Curl Refiner” by Redken scrunch in and distribute evenly though out your hair. Do not comb! On a windy day follow with “Curl Boost” also Redken and scrunch some more.  5-10 minutes to Goddess Tresses!  

For you manly men, “Crew” is the  way to easy San  Francisco  Summer hair.  My three  favorites and our best sellers are  “Molding  Clay”, a high hold with medium shine.  “Defining Paste”, with medium hold and low shine or  “Fiber” with high  hold  with low shine.  If choosing the right  on is confusing, stop by and we’ll make sure you walk  out  with  the  right  one.  

So there you  have it.  Stunning summer hair here in  San Francisco is yours!  Now that  you know which dab will do you go forth and be  beautiful  and be  handsome!