Featured Artist – Erin Carney

Erin Carney Autumn Hues

Erin Carney lives and works in San Francisco. She grew up in Southern California but opted to move north to attend college at the University of California, Davis. While at UC Davis, she studied studio painting and art history with Wayne Thiebaud and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Design in 1987. Having been greatly inspired by Thiebaud’s use of color and texture, Erin began an exploration into the world of abstract oil painting.

Her work is influenced by a variety of subjects ranging from the nuance of reflection found in metal sculpture to the formation of fog moving into the city at night. Her current work encompasses the build up of layers of soft transparent paint alongside the bold use of a richer, more opaque palette. She favors contrast, but uses it in a manner that can both soothe and stimulate the viewer.

In addition to her passion as an artist, Erin works in lighting design, a career she has followed for the past 20 years. Combining the worlds of art and design provide her with constant inspiration.

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