Featured Artist – Kytha Gernatt

Kytha GernattKytha Gernatt, co-owner of City Art Gallery, is a resident of San Francisco. Born in Marietta Georgia Kytha has been painting for over 20 years. Her artwork has shown in the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, in the San Francisco International Airport and in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art complex. She is interviewed in the latest issue of Churn magazine. Ms. Gernatt has taught painting, silkscreen printmaking and has run non-profit art programs for the last 10 years. Kytha’s personal history, as eclectic as her artwork, includes playing drums in the punk rock band the Butthole Surfers, serving on the board of directors for Unity Church of San Francisco and traveling and working with the Butler Brother’s Amusements Carnival. For more of her story and examples of her work ask for a copy of her book “The Chicken Who Would be King.” From the artist: My work is a blending of Abstract Expressionism and Surreal Representation. I make art not as a decoration but as documentation. My work tells a story that is both whimsical and provocative, warm and unsettling, childlike and serious. My painting process is a balance of creative channeling and conscious determination. I never plan a painting but rather hold onto the feelings that are compelling me to paint. Each piece begins as a big scribbley mess of color and I sculpt, with paint, the images that appear to me within this chaos. This begins a dance between what to develop and what to tuck away in the image. So each piece’s evolution is much like a dream and it’s ultimate meaning is an act of discovery for me as much as any viewer. To veiw Kytha Gernatt’s Art go to her website at: KythaGernatt.com